March 27, 2005

More on Easter Part II

So my sister is putting my eldest to bed last night. My eldest tells her that the Easter Bunny is as big as China. This is their conversation.

Morrigan: As big as CHINA? That’s pretty big.

Brown Bear: Well, he’s just really big.

Morrigan: Hunh. Then how is that no one sees him?

Brown Bear: His feet are like cotton.

Morrigan: Well that explains why no one HEARS him, but why does no one SEE him?

Brown Bear: Silence as he ponders her question.

Morrigan, continuing: Perhaps he has something that makes him invisible.

Brown Bear: Yes, that’s it. An invisible force field!

That’s when she kissed him and left him to go to sleep. He’s 10. She says that it’s just really really wrong that he understands the whole sex thing, but really believes in the Easter Bunny. I’m thinking I’m in a whole heap ‘o trouble. Invisible Force Fields, huh?

Meanwhile, Son#3 informed us this morning that the Easter Bunny is really a guy all dressed up in a costume. Something is not quite right when my 5 year old is logically thinking its a real guy dressed up as a Bunny, sneaking into our house (scary thought), meanwhile my 10 year old thinks it's a big damn bunny hidden by an Invisible Force Field. Anyway... I was about to say something to my 5 year old about the absurdity of my letting a man dressed as a bunny sneak into my house... when I realized, that he thinks I let a guy dressed in a red suit pop into my house once a year.

In his eyes... bunny suit.... red Santa suit... no difference.

Posted by Boudicca at March 27, 2005 08:50 PM

I believed in the Easter Bunny for WAY too long, because one of my older brothers (one that I normally felt comfortable trusting) told me that he hit the Easter Bunny with a snowball once.

Turns out there was a LOT of stuff he lied to me straight-faced about.

Bastard :-)

Posted by: Harvey at March 29, 2005 09:57 AM