April 21, 2005

Leave the Transmogrifier at Home

A couple years ago, my eldest was making his first Holy Communion. The Great Omnipotent One and I were e-mailing back and forth one night and we were talking about the host and wine. The conversation went something like this:

TGOO: So then the wafer and wine transmogrify into the body and blood of Christ, huh?

Me: Ummm, Dad, they don’t call it transmogrify.

TGOO: Sure they do.

Me: Uh, No, they don’t. It’s called transubstantiation.

TGOO: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah. Transmogrify is what Calvin does. They don’t throw the wine and wafer into a transmogrifier box and ‘Presto’ it’s now the body and blood.

TGOO: Are you sure because I am looking it up in the dictionary and it says to change or be changed completely’ and I think that’s the word.

Now I’m laughing and yelling at him in the computer, “Dad, I PROMISE YOU that the Catholic Church does NOT call it transmogrify. I PROMISE YOU!”

I know damn well he was sitting on his end of the world snickering to himself.

Well, this has obviously become a big joke between he and I.

Flash forward to today, my folks and I pick up ‘Frankie’ from his retreat as it’s only a half day for him and as my son gets in the car, he is holding an art project. TGOO says, “So what did you do in your retreat today? I don’t see a little box. Didn’t you make a transmogrifier?” This is of course lost on my son, but I am laughing.

Later in the mall as we’re getting ‘Frankie’ a pair of dress shoes for the big event, he declares to us, “You know, I tasted the body of Christ today and it tastes awful…” Heh. I could not quit laughing. He carries on, “I thought I would puke. What if I throw up during my Holy Communion…”

Of course TGOO is telling him that after it transmogrifies that it tastes like chicken. I’m telling him not to ask for peanut butter and my Mom is shaking her head and saying, “I can picture it now, he can look back and say, “I threw up on Father during my First Holy Communion…”.

I wish my folks lived closer.

Posted by Boudicca at April 21, 2005 11:22 PM

I wish I could go with you... just to see if he asks for peanut butter and if it will 'transmogrify'. You never know with that cutie what will occur. :-)

Posted by: vw bug at April 22, 2005 06:41 AM