June 21, 2005

Kilroy Doesn't Work Here Anymore

I haven’t blogged on work lately. Trust me, it isn’t for lack of funny stuff, I just sometimes forget and am overcome by the kids and the rest of my life.

Our chairs at work, suck wet socks (to use the phrase I have stolen from Tammi). Oh, they give the appearance of being great chairs, all ergonomic and cushy. The arms move up and down, you can make the chair tilt, they have four rollers, but they suck. I guess when you’re a subcontractor to a major Government contractor you’ve got to cut somewhere to keep overhead down. Evidently it was the chairs that drew the short straw.

When I first came to work at my new place, I COULD NOT BELIEVE how nice the chairs were. I came from a place that used the original standard government issue aluminum chairs from the 50s, like this (that may even be my old desk in the background...):


So when I came in and found these new fangled ergonomic chairs, hey, I was pretty much sold on that alone. Holy crap, forget the money folks, I was willing to work for the chair!

It happened the first week I was there. I sat in my chair and “Kathunk!”, I dropped an inch or three. I nearly had a heart attack. I might as well have dropped a foot. Here I was, scrolling through blueprints, fighting all the new systems, completely immersed in my head and my chair drops. It was like a mini-version of being on an airliner and it suddenly drops what feels like a couple thousand feet and your heart stops and your stomach threatens to come up your esophagus. Same feeling.

And then:


I was slowly slowly ratcheted down to the floor. The hydraulics in the chair gave way.

After talking to the secretary, I found this was a standard problem in our office and the solution was… to find a chair at a walk up computer that works, and switch it out. Well, that’s all good and well… until there are no more walk ups with chairs that work.

Sure enough, a month ago, I’m sitting at my desk and “Kathunk!” I drop two inches, followed by a Kathunk! Kathunk! Kathunk! Kathunk!, and I find myself, ONCE AGAIN, practically sitting on the floor.

I looked like Kilroy. OK, slight exaggeration. But not much.

I told the secretary, and there were no more walk up chairs or conference room chairs to be had. They were all broken. So with a long list of people with broken chairs, the chair fix it kid came in.

Except he came in… on my day off. So my chair didn’t get fixed.

They told me to go get one of the walk up chairs. I decided, “Screw it”. My chair worked. So I’m sitting kind of low and I look kinda dopey? Who cares?

It was still cushy. My place is still a great place to work.

There isn’t a mouse in my desk fighting me for my lunch (happened to a co-worker at my old job).

A giant overfed garbage diver raccoon hasn’t fallen out of the false ceiling onto my desk while I was working (happened to a co-worker at my old job).

I don’t get wet when it rains because there’s a leak above my desk (happened to a co-worker at my old job).

Nobody died in my chair (blog fodder for another time... from my old job).

It’s all about perspective. I was cool with my chair. Our secretary was not. She had the chair fix it guy come out and fix my chair today.

Life is very very good.

Posted by Boudicca at June 21, 2005 10:21 PM

I have sat in many a 50's looking chair behind the nurses station...ick ick ....it looks like that old chair, but smells even worse.

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at June 22, 2005 01:04 AM

Brings back memories Bou. I was in the 'modular' buildings for a while and remember hearing the scurring of feet above me. {shiver}

Posted by: vw bug at June 22, 2005 06:39 AM

The moral of the story being that if you learn to be happy with what you have, you'll often be rewarded with with you want :-)

Posted by: Harvey at June 22, 2005 01:19 PM