July 31, 2005

Harvey's Fun Facts of Florida

Blogfather Harvey of Bad Example has a really really funny post of Fun Facts About Florida. Go take a look. Good stuff. If you’re from Florida, you’ll definitely find some funny facts in there. This is so true:

Passing the test for a driver's license in Florida requires that you be able to make a right turn from the left lane across 3 lanes of traffic. Or so I assume from what I saw last time I was there.

And this one just hits home with The Great Omnipotent One losing Shed2, during Dennis:

Neil Smith of Montverde, Florida, invented the riding lawn mower in 1933, adding to the list of useful things that Floridians could have blown away during a hurricane.
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I was worried I'd be beaten up for this one.

Glad you were amused :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 1, 2005 12:21 AM