August 11, 2005

I See Bad People

I officially met the new Mom I want to befriend today. She looked less anxious today, so I figured I could introduce myself… yesterday was all about our children.

We have a real problem with Smash and Grabs here in Palm Beach County. School, Church or Public Park parking lots… there are no limits as to where it can occur. Bad people can be very bold.

The thieves will smash a window, grab a woman’s purse or belongings if they’ve been left in the car, and leave. In May, there were over 200 of us milling around the parking lot and basketball courts at school… and a Mom who should have known better, got hit. We saw nothing. They stake it out and wait.

I NEVER leave my purse, cell phone, or anything in my car that would make someone interested in breaking in. NEVER.

Our school gives off the vibes of ‘peace, love, happiness… bad things never happen here’. Perhaps it is because it is affiliated with a Church. I don’t know. But it is a warm inviting environment for the families… as well as the bad people.

So I pulled the new Mom aside today, noticing she didn’t have a purse on her shoulder, and said, “I was hoping to see you today. The principal sent home a note yesterday, but you need to HEAR this from someone who has been here for years… We have a real smash and grab problem here. Do NOT leave your purse in your car.”

Her son’s old school was in one of the worst neighborhoods in the North County. Surrounded by drug infested neighborhoods, they probably worried about auto theft there too as well as drive by shootings. But still, she gave me a shocked look and said, ‘Are you kidding me? You have this problem HERE. HERE at THIS school?!!!’

I replied, “Bad people are everywhere… just looking for people to prey on.”

It is sad… but very very true.

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Even in America's belly button... We like to think we're safe from that...

Posted by: Jody Halsted at August 12, 2005 01:58 PM

So, is anyone besides me thinking "Boobytraps"?

Posted by: Graumagus at August 13, 2005 05:03 PM