August 24, 2005

It's a Girl!!!

I have... a... new... Blog Granddaughter! My first blogspawn, VW of One Happy Dog Speaks, has procreated and we now have Sticks of 'From Chaos to Serendipity'. VW and Sticks have known each other since high school... I see some good stories coming... *grin*

I'm not sure which post is my favorite, it's a toss up. Let's just say, I'm kind of scared as reading about her teenage boys makes me wonder if it is a window to my future. Sex, physics, good humor... she's got it all.

Take a look. She's a riot!

Posted by Boudicca at August 24, 2005 09:40 PM | TrackBack

Hi Grandma! Thanks for the intro. I love reading about you and your boys and VW and her boys. I laugh because most of the time I say, been there done that. I think we have just about every growing stage covered between the 3 of us. Living with boys is always an adventure.

Posted by: Sticks at August 25, 2005 06:09 AM