October 02, 2005

Who Cares HOW It Gets There???

Around 14 years ago, when my better half and I first got married, there was a restaurant that we’d frequent that served THE BEST steak sandwiches. Oh, the steak was so tender, as it should have been… since, it was made of filets, as in filet mignon.

I occasionally make steak sandwiches, and I added it to my menu when this restaurant changed hands and their sandwich came off the menu. Not wanting to spend that kind of cash on a meal at home, I typically used sirloin.

One day I decided I wanted a damn good steak sandwich for our dinner, so I bought the filet. We sat down for dinner and my husband said something along the lines of, “Wow, this is a GREAT steak sandwich!” and I replied with, “Yeah it is. Filet meat makes great sandwiches.”

He stopped eating and said, ‘You USED tenderloin meat for a SANDWICH?” I couldn’t believe he was so shocked so I told him I did. He said, “WHY?! I could have grilled it. Don’t waste a good piece of meat on a sandwich!”

I’m sorry, but I still don’t get it. Who cares how it’s cooked if you truly ENJOY it? I mean, really. Steak sandwich or grilled steak. It should not matter. But in HIS mind it did. I’ve yet to use that kind of meat again, but mainly because we have a family now and its expensive meat. I don’t buy it in general. However, that doesn’t mean that I WON’T ever again. *grin*

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago. The Great Omnipotent One has a GREAT pork tenderloin marinade recipe. I made it the night before, marinating the pork tenderloin all night for my better half to grill when he came home from work. With this recipe is also a basting recipe that you use at the very end… the last 10 minutes.

So I’m talking to TGOO on the phone and I’ve got out my orange marmalade for the basting and I’m looking for a shot of brandy that it calls for, going over my half stocked bar. He’s saying to me on the phone…. “You can use whiskey for that…”

Just as he says that, I look over at my husband’s bottle of Laphroiag that he and TGOO drink when TGOO and my Mom are in town. And just as I go to pick up the bottle, TGOO says to me, “But don’t you use that good scotch of you husband’s! Use some cheap shit. Don’t use the good stuff.”

I now have bottle in hand and I said, “Why? Who cares? It’s just a shot?” and he’s saying in the phone, “NO! You have something else you can use. Don’t USE that!” So I put it down and found some cheap crap brandy I had in the back of my bar.

Now… I am back to the steak story. Same same in my mind. If you’re going to enjoy the scotch, really, who cares if it’s in a glass or boiled up with some marmalade and basted on a pork tenderloin?

It’s all going to the same place!!!

Posted by Boudicca at October 2, 2005 09:32 PM | TrackBack

"If you’re going to enjoy the scotch, really, who cares if it’s in a glass or boiled up with some marmalade and basted on a pork tenderloin?"

Ach! Bite ya' tongue, gurl. Tha kind o' talk weel send ya' strait ta hell!

Posted by: Angus of Islay at October 2, 2005 09:55 PM

My heart quit for a second... I thought you said it didn't matter how the scotch got to it's final destination.

Wait, you DID!

And folks are worried about me getting struck by lightning! :)

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 2, 2005 10:06 PM

I've got your back, Bou. I'll stand up with you. What does it matter? You still get to enjoy it.

Posted by: Sticks at October 3, 2005 05:24 AM

So...does that mean you're up for taking the entire meal and plopping it in the blender -- green beans, corn, steak, and jello? It doesn't matter how it gets there, right? Hmmm... I wonder what color that would be...

Posted by: Ogre at October 3, 2005 07:49 AM

I don't know if I can visit here anymore... You don't do that to good scotch! Once you mix good scotch with something else you destroy the flavor of the scotch.

If I was dead I'd be rolling in my grave!

Posted by: Contagion at October 3, 2005 08:23 AM

... whew... you did the right thing going with the cheap stuff.. laphroaig would have ruined the meat... it is MUCH too richly flavored to be used in cooking.. using it as a marinade is just wrong... it's for sippin'.. ;)

Posted by: Eric at October 3, 2005 08:28 AM

LOL - Ummm Bou I'm with you... I just don't see the difference! After all it's not as if you can't EVER again get another drop of Laphroaig. I mean, I might just possibly understand if this was the last batch ever made and there was no possibility of another - but since that isn't the case then why not? Geeze people - get a grip. *grin*

As for the steak sandwich - thanks for the tip. I may try it with filet mignon - I just never thought of it. For that matter I don't think I've ever had one made with filet. Yum!

Posted by: Teresa at October 3, 2005 10:35 AM

I've done the steak sandwich with Filet, but we used to raise beef cattle so it wasn't expensive at all. But good scotch in a marinade, I have to agree, would just be . . . wrong! :)

Posted by: oddybobo at October 3, 2005 11:15 AM

Heathens! Ya noo use Laphroaig to marinate meat. That's why God made French brandy. */;-)

Posted by: Angus of Kinlochaline at October 3, 2005 11:48 AM

I don't see where it matters, either.
BUT- you know men....they like to Kill it, Grill it and Eat it....it usually doesn't matter to them.
HOWEVER- they also like their liquor....so they want the good stuff saved for getting drunk.

With that said- if the bottle was already open...men are notorious for not noticing the minor details, and what they don't know won't kill them! :) Use it anyway!

Posted by: Rave at October 3, 2005 12:05 PM

My frugal half-Canadian soul says you're wasting MONEY, as much as food, by putting good scotch in a marinade. Why spend a lot of money on on very tasty booze if you're going to water it down to oblivion?

My Dad used to do the same thing when grilling expensive pork chops. He put so much flavor-smothering spice on them, it might as well have been road kill, not pricey pig, on the grill.

Posted by: George at October 3, 2005 12:52 PM

Always use cheap liquor for cooking.

When using beer for batters and boiling, use cheap beer as well (in fact, with beer battered fish, I've found that the cheapest, nastiest beer makes the bst batter... weird, but true)

When using wine, don't use anything you'd be disgusted to drink. It doesn't have to be good, but it should be potable at least...

Posted by: Graumagus at October 3, 2005 02:19 PM

I buy the thin cut round steaks, put a whipping on them with my meat hammer, bread them with an egg and flour batter with salt, pepper, and just a touch of garlic powder. Then pan fry the steaks in oil. Makes for a great open faced sandwitch with gravy made from the oil or a regular sandwitch with all the traditional fixings. Sometimes I smother the steaks after I have beaded them as if I was fixing liver and onions-which I don't fix-I like the onions but would be a bouncer in a house of ill repute than eat liver.

Posted by: GUYK at October 3, 2005 03:33 PM

If it calls for less than 1/2 cup... I use the good stuff. It makes it taste better. More than that, I end up drinking it before it makes it to the meal. ;-)

Posted by: vw bug at October 3, 2005 07:37 PM

Do I have to come down there?!?!?!

First - I love the filet for steak sandwiches - you read my mind. I was just saying that's what I'm making next. I just really NEED a good phily cheese steak sandwich. Soon.

But - sweetie. The good booze for cooking. No. Only Frangelica for the cake. Other than that the cheap stuff. I even keep cheap vodka around just to put in my fresh cut flowers. Helps 'em stay nice longer. But the good stuff. Never. Ever. Waste it like that.


Posted by: Tammi at October 3, 2005 08:38 PM

I agree, cheap stuff for cooking.

Good stuff for drinking.

There is a huge difference.

You actually taste the good stuff when your drinking it, when cooking with alcohol you get the flavor not the "taste".

I was actually yelling at the computer screen "No no put the good stuff down, put it down, no don't use it"

Posted by: Machelle at October 4, 2005 08:47 AM

You know, they always say use the best you can afford to cook with. So if you drink the Laphroiag to drink use the Haig and Haig Pinch to marinate. Someone will complain anyway.
I'll be in Scotland in two weeks, where it's all probably good anyway.
Boudicca, this must be where I first saw your post. Just didn't remember.

Posted by: riannan at October 16, 2005 07:36 PM