October 14, 2005

Big Noise and Big Heat

Sunday I have the masses coming for dinner. I think it’ll be around 15 people. Maybe more. I quit counting, but know it’s not more than 17. It’s my father in law's 80th birthday, which in my book, officially makes him old. I know many people in their 70s who are very young. I’ve never heard anyone who is 80 called young. Because it isn’t.

Besides, even if it was, Pop isn’t anyway. He’s been old since I met him. Old and cantankerous.

So the eldest daughter is flying in with her husband from California to celebrate. Family and friends locally are coming for dinner. Here. At the house of Bou. I’m trying really hard to make it perfect. Really hard. I know my sister in law from California would like nothing more than for it to be like the old family dinners they had when her Mom was alive. I know that’s what Pop wants too. Things have changed since Ma died.

This is the menu as follows: Lasagna (better half is making), Eggplant Parm (BH), Meatballs and gravy (BH), turkey, broccoli and mushroom saute, stuffing (I can’t make oyster as I can’t get them), cranberries, salad, green bean casserole (sister in law from Lauderdale is bringing), fruit, and a three layer Hummingbird cake.

I’m making anything on that list not otherwise specified.

Meanwhile, my air conditioning broke, my water system needs replacing, and I’m praying my septic system doesn’t decide to back up this weekend to boot. Due to the a/c issue, my husband seems to think we might just pack up all this food and take it to eat elsewhere.

That ain’t happenin’. I cook it here, we eat it here. I don’t give a crap how hot it gets.

Dinner with the masses is scheduled for Saturday evening at some Italian restaurant in Boca. My two year old niece will be there. I never allowed my children to behave in public the way she does. It will be loud. No doubt.

So that’s what is planned for this weekend. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food, lots of heat… and all I feel like doing is eating chocolate and sleeping.

Posted by Boudicca at October 14, 2005 10:12 PM | TrackBack

I will preface this with I am glad it is not me...

I will add this, think of it as a triathalon, cook, be nice, and clean up after people.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at October 15, 2005 01:08 AM

I'll have my cell phone working by Sunday. And I'm sure I'll be up late Sunday night. Come on over to a quiet house and veg if you need. ;-) Or sneak away while they are there. ha ha ha ha.

Posted by: vw bug at October 15, 2005 07:19 AM

Bou, do what I do, "Just think, in XYZ number of hours this will all be just a memory". It helps me get thru a lot of events with a certain individual. Good luck and remember, the upcoming visit to Morrigan is just a moment away.

Posted by: DLK at October 15, 2005 08:57 AM

can I say "HAVE FUN" without sounding to sarcastic? Buit I bet you do have fun though.family get togethers are always fun-I like to sit on the sideline and watch the cat fights between sisters (Not my sister but my neices) and cousins and some other cousins walk around showing how big their little thing is supposed to be. They are all out west and I am prroud that I live in Florida

Posted by: GUYK at October 15, 2005 08:18 PM

Sounds stressful, nerveracking but I know you'll be able to handle it and will have great fun! If things get too crazy there's always locking yourself in the bathroom for a mini-break. Just hide a cocktail in there somewhere before the festivities and you'll always come out smiling.

Please let us know how it went!

Posted by: michele at October 16, 2005 09:08 PM

Anyone on here?

Posted by: very young at November 13, 2005 11:15 PM