October 22, 2005

Things That Make Me Do the Happy Dance

You know you’re having a good day when…

There is a hurricane making it’s way to your state and you go to the grocery store to find… it fully stocked.

You run errands that afternoon and think, “I need to top off my tank” and as you pull up to the gas station, the gas tanker is just finishing filling up all the pumps.

When you pump your gas, you can buy REGULAR!!!! You don’t have to buy Premium because that’s all that’s left!

And when you pump your gas, it’s cheap! It’s only $2.85 a gallon! Holy crap!

I’ll tell you though, I got to our grocery store to pick up extra milk and something for dinner for tonight and there was milk and bread as far as the eye could see. Fresh produce was in abundance and meat was plentiful.

I asked the cashier what the deal was. I was fully prepared to not have found much of anything. She told me the panic had been on Wednesday and it had been calm ever since. Good. I’m glad it was nice and early… then again, that’s when Wilma was a Cat 4 and they expected her to hit Naples on Friday.

And… I was talking to The Great Omnipotent One and we were laughing. Here I was, doing the happy dance over only paying $2.85 a gallon… this time last year, the same price would have caused a massive coronary. I’d have been dead before I hit the ground from sticker shock.

Amazing how much things can change in a year…

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Amazing isn't it?

Posted by: vw bug at October 23, 2005 07:28 AM