April 02, 2006

Camping, Projects and Mellow

Blogging on our camping trip as well as a project for my 2nd son is coming this week. They’re both long posts and are taking some time for me to write. So you’ll be seeing them both soon.

Briefly, however, we had a great time. There is nothing like sleeping in a tent and hearing the waves on the beach…

I’m still feeling very mellow. I feel certain that the good feeling will be gone when that alarm goes off at 5:45, however. Just a suspicion…

Posted by Boudicca at April 2, 2006 09:40 PM | TrackBack

I'm curious about how DST affects you- camping outside without an alarm clock-

Are you 'caught up?' or is that lagging feeling most people feel the first couple of weeks of DST rearing its ugly head?

Oh- glad you guys had a good trip...can't wait for the blog fodder!

Posted by: Rave at April 3, 2006 08:10 AM