April 07, 2006


Silent Warrior has this post on trivia and something his community is doing, which sounds very cool.

An excerpt:

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's trivia time once more in our lovely town of Stevens Point this weekend. This year's theme? "The Odd Couple" For those of you who aren't familiar with this annual event, it's the largest trivia event in the world! This is the 37th year that they have done it, and it's essentially thousands of people in hundreds of teams competing against each other for fun. They listen to the local radio station to get their questions. They give you the trivia question, play a song, repeat the question, play a song, and then give the answer. Then it's on to the next question. This pattern is repeated for THREE DAYS!

He also has a link to some trivia questions… answers to go in the comment section of his post. Click on the link he has near the bottom and see if you know the answers. With my trouble with faces, I didn’t get any of them! GRRR.

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