April 16, 2006

Random Thoughts on Easter

When having your 15 year old nephew help you hide eggs for the little people, make sure you find out where he hid HIS set. Yeah, I think there is one missing egg in my house and… we don’t use plastic eggs. Out of 34 eggs, the boys found 33.

I hope we find that other… before next month when its odor finds us.

I kid you not, I was awakened this morning by my 9 year old singing The Bunny song, which you will find HERE over at Jerry’s of Back Home Again. He put the link in one of my posts and I had to laugh as that song gets sung all the time here. Evidently my 9 year old was ready to eat some bunny ears…

I feel extraordinarily blessed that my husband has such awesome siblings. (His sister is down visiting with her husband and kids.) I truly love both my sisters in law and my brother in law. Their spouses are great too, but I really have great affection for his siblings. We get along great and each of them individually are such wonderful people. I think it is a testament to their parents that they have all grown into such upstanding, contributing, and great citizens… and it makes up for the fact that my father in law is the biggest jerk that has ever roamed this Earth.

Funniest thing heard at Easter dinner today: I was sitting in the family room with the seven grandchildren, I was the only adult, when the eldest grandchild, my 18 year old niece, who has a sharp wit and analytical mind, absolutely brilliant girl with the looks that stop traffic, suddenly got this look of shock upon her face and said, “Oh My God. I just had a vision of what it will be like in 40 years when we are all your age (referring to me, my husband and his siblings) and you all are Poppy’s age….” Heh. I could see the wheels turning as she was trying to gauge how neurotic and insane we would all be, and what the grandchildren would have to contend with.

Luckily, I’m not a blood relative. I can guaran-damn-tee I won’t be like her Poppy. I’d shoot myself first…

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