May 31, 2006

Blog Birth Control? I.don'!

Well, obviously the blog birth control has not worked for me… NOR my blog daughter VW.

Like blog mother like blog daughter?

And where are the fathers here? How are we both procreating and I’m not seeing any blog fathers! Single blog parents… yet again!

Although at least my new line is not as… whacked as VW’s!

To start with, my newest blog daughter, who you have seen comment here as Dixie Darlin’ has gone and strayed towards the light and has started to blog. Found at House of Zathras, she is the mother of four (blog fodder!) and a Floridian living on the cusp of Florida in Alabama… which is hurricane country (more blog fodder!). She started blogging actually a bit over a month ago, but just got the courage for me to announce her.

She has a GREAT post HERE about being saved in a hurricane by her Hero.

So please go on over and say hello!

And then… we have… VW… who spawned a blog daughter, who is actually her sister. Her real sister. It sounds like one of those incestuous jokes that are becoming very famous through the BE Family. “I’m the daughter of your sister, of your brother’s great grandfather, who am I?” Or something like that.

Anyway, VW’s real sister, now blog daughter Tink can be found at Tink’s Tribulations. The mother of three (blog fodder), two of whom are currently serving in our Armed Forces, lives in the panhandle… hurricane country (more blog fodder!).

On her sidebar she has a cast of characters and I cannot quit laughing that she calls VW’s hubby, Bug Brains. That cracks me up. (Harvey’s round up of her is HERE.) So please go on over and say hello!

Posted by Boudicca at May 31, 2006 10:39 PM | TrackBack

I know Harvey has been 'helping out' with the birth of my children. Giving hints, checking it out... you know what I mean. ;-) Guess that is the only male that has assisted in these births.

Posted by: vw bug at June 1, 2006 07:27 AM

Thanks for your support, Bou! On a funny note, my husband, who was been encouraging me to 'go public', was concerned about my recent 'potty post', and was worried about what people would think. I told him to read your post about Bones and the 'beard'...he breathed out the words 'never mind' in between gales of laughter!!

Posted by: Mrs_Who at June 1, 2006 07:34 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome, grandmother. But I now I should head on over to my Aunt Darlin's home so we can conspire against our "mothers" as most children do.

Posted by: Tink at June 3, 2006 10:46 AM