July 20, 2006

Touring In Dahlonega

After breaking the fast with Elisson and his wife, the boys and I headed up to Dahlonega to see RSM of When the Smoke Clears. (His post is HERE.) It is a beautiful drive as it is God’s country up there. Gorgeous.

I’d spoken to RSM on the phone before and had met him VERY briefly last year at Eric’s, but had not had the opportunity to speak to him at any great length. And if I recall, the prior conversation I had with him at a blog meet as we all played, ‘pass the phone’ was mainly me telling him how he needed to take his vacation and quit living at work.

Motherly advice. That kind of thing. (He has a passion for his work though... that is the type of job to have!)

RSM lives in a cabin up in the mountains. Secluded, he still has more neighbors than I thought he would, but nobody you can directly see from his property. The downstairs of his cabin overlooks a stream and trees that you KNOW are just teeming with wildlife. A slice of heaven for sure.

He had asked me to call him as I got to Dahlonega so he could have me follow him the rest of the way to his domicile and when I called he said he’d meet me in the town square. I quietly freaked out.

Town Square? We don’t have no stinkin’ town squares in West Palm Beach! Ack! But he assured me that I could not miss it, that I’d know it when I got to it.

And being from a largish city, its not that I didn’t believe him, but I just could not imagine that I’d just *know* it was the town square.

Guess what? It was obvious. It was in the center of town and was… squarish. And all the traffic went through it with… four or so stop signs like a… square. Then I got nervous that he’d not find me. That whole ‘hide ‘n seek’ thing.

Pulease. It was nearly immediate. It's hard to play hide and seek when the town square is one block by one block... I need not have worried.

We followed him up to the little house in the big woods, took a tour of his fabulous abode, and then took the boys down the hill to play in the stream and look for crawdads, fish, and… pan for gold. RSM had the pan and showed them what to do, so while Ringo panned, Son#2 hunted for flat stones as he was still hung up on skipping stones after skipping them with Eric, and Bones looked for live things he wanted to take home.

In particular, Bones was hell bent on taking home some nasty looking black water lizard thing. I’d rather have had a crawdad.

Bones didn’t really want to leave, but we made our way to Amicalola State Park so we could see the waterfall. RSM had the foresight to know there was no way we could hike to the top. As he put it, “Your boys are flatlanders…” Oh yes. I think that became apparent when the Drama King, aka Bones, got half way up the hill to RSM’s cabin, leaned on me and told me he thought he might die. I ended up dragging/pushing/hauling him the rest of the way up.

So RSM drove us to the top to look down and then took us to another stream where my boys spent the better part of an hour moving rocks. I said to Ringo, “What are you doing?” He replied, “Altering the water flow…”

Bones was… Bones. He spent the first half complaining he wanted to go back to RSM's so he could catch one of those nasty lizard things. Finally when he realized that he was actually having fun with the stream, contentment was achieved. I told RSM, “when you find contentment with him… you want to bathe in it.”

So we stayed put, letting them play and RSM scrapped the other plans he had made for us.

RSM is very... adaptable, always thinking ahead.

For instance, Bones was picking up rocks and I was holding them. The quantity of rocks was increasing exponentially and I looked over and RSM, who is always prepared from a medic standpoint, has taken out a tin of band aids (very cool ‘Bones’ band aids as Bones called them) and emptied the band aids into his pocket and gave me the tin in which to carry Bones’ treasures. I just thought that was very cool.

We had a wonderful time with RSM, he is a GREAT guy, and next year I hope to spend more time in Dahlonega. I’d like to take a tour of where he works. And Bones is determined to catch one of those black icky water lizard things. Blech.

Tomorrow: Lunch with Zonker!

Posted by Boudicca at July 20, 2006 09:19 PM | TrackBack

I'm glad you guys were able to hook up. I knew that the boys would have a blast!

RSM's place is definitely a piece of heaven.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at July 20, 2006 10:19 PM

... Son #2 is a natural at throwing things.. be it a baseball, tennis ball, or skipping stone...

Posted by: Eric at July 21, 2006 11:19 AM