July 20, 2006

Waffles are to Pancakes As...

Today at dinner, discussion of food and how others prepare it came up. We were having pot roast and I used a recipe the boys seemed to have liked at my aunt's. It turned out that they were just being nice. They hate pot roast. According to them, it doesn’t matter how its prepared, it ‘grows in their mouth’.

So I said something like, “Well, I thought I’d try to make this meal another way…”

And my husband chimed in, “I like this pot roast, but I do believe I like Big Daddy’s (TGOO) and yours better…”

And Bones said, “Big Daddy puts croutons in his waffles!”

The four of us stared at him, saying nothing and doing one big *BLINK*.

Finally he said, “Oh wait. No he doesn’t. He puts pecans in his pancakes…”

I have NO CLUE where that first statement came from. NONE.

Posted by Boudicca at July 20, 2006 09:21 PM | TrackBack

But does he serve bananas with his pancakes?

Posted by: Denny at July 20, 2006 09:43 PM

Perhaps he is thinking of the crunchy stuff in salads too, so croutons came to mind instead of pecans? Otherwise, well, 2 syllables? I dunno.

Posted by: jck at July 20, 2006 09:57 PM

Denny- No bananas!!! LOL!

JCK- I'm thinking 2 syllables. I spent the next hour thinking 'pe-cans' 'crou-tons'. Go figure.

Posted by: Bou at July 20, 2006 10:00 PM

Bones is a natural comedian, the kind Art Linkletter had in mind when he said that "kids say the damndest - er, darndest things. One day you'll be glad you recorded all this stuff on your Web-Log...and so will his Legions of Fans.

Posted by: Elisson at July 20, 2006 10:34 PM

Pot Roast is okay -- but it's easier and cheaper to just buy bubble gum...

Posted by: Ogre at July 21, 2006 07:56 AM

Heh. :)

Posted by: Richmond at July 21, 2006 09:07 AM