October 19, 2006

Rocket Man!

This weekend… where to begin… I will expand upon Eric’s post HERE on the rockets. Oh and Elisson’s post HERE for pictures.

A woman’s version.

I was in the house with Morrigan and Sissy when I looked out and the guys (and some girls) were about to shoot off a rocket. Yabu had brought it with him.

The rocket went off and evidently got stuck on top of the house, evidently by the sound of the “Kathunk” we wimmin folk heard from inside as it hit. Heh. I looked out the front window and saw That1Guy putting a ladder up to the house, and JohnnyOh about to climb up the roof.

So I went and sat on the front porch to watch. I mean, you can’t beat front row entertainment. And it was free.

It was that whole train wreck thing really. They’d all been imbibing since… I don’t know… Noon? and for some reason it seemed like a good idea to climb on the roof to rescue the rocket. Now JohnnyOh was not in the right place to get said rocket and this part gets fuzzy, I do believe either T1G was holding onto, or someone had handed Johnny Oh one of Denny’s braces he uses to walk.

I was just watching thinking two things: “Hmm. Am I safe where I am sitting if that gutter comes off the house?” and “Are they really going to have this guy get on this roof to get this rocket, this guy whose had a couple beers, and then hand him this brace that Denny uses to walk with, Denny who broke his back falling out of a tree, to try to get the rocket off a roof. Am I really watching this?”


So it was deemed unobtainable from that angle, and as Johnny Oh started to torque the gutters off the front of the Straight White House, the Straight White Homeowner sent them to the back of the house where fetching said rocket would be easier. And there are not gutter issues. Johnny Oh got down and T1G moved the ladder to the other side of the house, and I quickly walked through the house to the back porch and pulled up a chair to watch.

I mean, you can’t beat front row entertainment. And it was free.

I knew just the general bantering between T1G and JohnnyOh would be worth it in itself. And I was not disappointed.

And as JohnnyOh climbed down I said, “Hey! What was the altimeter reading?” as there was a wager going on how high that sucker was going to launch, half the crowd thinking it was going to the moon and the other half thinking the imbibing Propulsion Engineer wouldn’t get it off the ground.

JohnnyOh replied, ‘The altimeter switch… is on OFF.” Seems the acting Propulsion Engineer forgot to flip the switch… Heh. Cracked me up.

Posted by Boudicca at October 19, 2006 09:15 PM | TrackBack

Heh. The altimeter was broken. It would record the height, but then it wouldn't display it.

Ellison's pictures rock.

Posted by: caltechgirl at October 19, 2006 09:37 PM

So the altimeter wouldn't tell ya how high the rocket went, but could anyone tell how high the rocketeers were? Or were their altimeters set to "OFF" as well?

Perspiring minds wanna know...

Posted by: David at October 20, 2006 02:40 AM

... I can't believe he volunteered to go up there... crazy stuff... just crazy...

Posted by: Eric at October 20, 2006 07:26 AM

Very funny!!

Posted by: vw bug at October 20, 2006 07:33 AM

Great fun...I'd say the first launch gained an altitude of about 700 feet...give or take a few.

Posted by: Yabu at October 20, 2006 08:26 AM

Actually the braces are the things on my legs. One of my crutches is what Georgia offered Johnny Oh to use to retrieve the rocket.

Posted by: Denny at October 20, 2006 03:24 PM

Also, "I" carried the ladder around back. Damn, I'm glad Eric suggested that I go around back, and that I know good advice when I hear it. At least it makes for a great story.

Johnny - Oh "Proud to be Blog-Fodder at Hysteric's at Eric's 2006"

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at October 20, 2006 05:17 PM

JohnnyOh- All I know is I zipped through the house and y'all showed up at with the ladder. ;-) I assumed it was T1G since he was the ladder stabilizer!

Denny- You have no idea how much time I spent on the internet trying to decide what those were called. I was going to write 'crutch' but then it sounded like your legs were broken.

Posted by: Bou at October 20, 2006 05:58 PM