December 30, 2013

The Perspective of Ducks by Bones

Bones and I were up late last night and a show called Duck Dynasty came on.

Neither of us had ever seen it, but were intrigued based on the news surrounding the show. After watching the show, continually looking at each other and doing a *blink*, Bones had the following three things to say:

1) How does someone keep a beard like that clean?

2) Why would someone want to grow a beard like that?

3) How did they end up getting married to such great looking women?

Heh. Cracked me up!

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December 26, 2013

Christmas Perspective

On December 19th, I realized my eldest son had something on his list of 'like to haves' that I'd not thought about. He doesn't read me, so I can put it here.

He had a fraternity sweat shirt and sweat pants he found that he thought might be cool. I went to the website, put the order together, got him a fraternity ornament, and pushed go.

I thought it would probably be here by the 25th, but being it was the 19th, it might not. It's not like I hadn't bought him items.

Come the 24th, I realized it wasn't going to get here in time. That afternoon, I gave him a big hug, grinned and said, "It appears YOU will be celebrating Boxing Day! The rest of us will watch and clap!"

He thought it was pretty funny. Today is Boxing Day, it's still not here.

Now I don't know what method of shipping they used. I suspect it's USPS. I don't care. I wasn't given an option for shipping methods, I just bought it and paid for it. If it's not here in a few days, I'll give them a shout and ask them what's up... just making sure it's not totally lost.

Here's the deal:

1) When you shop on the 19th... ON-LINE... expect that it just MIGHT NOT make it.

2) When you have decided to shun the Mall (me)/are too lazy to go to the Mall/ shopped so late that your items were out in local stores... and you therefore shop online... expect that your packages just MIGHT NOT make it. At all. And I don't care what the promises are. Expect it and have a back up plan.

3) If you do ALL OF YOUR SHOPPING online and come 23 December, NONE of your gifts have arrived, you may want to think about having a BIG back up plan.

4) And last but not least... Christmas IS NOT about the gifts. When you bitch about the gifts not being there, how it ruined your Christmas, I don't want to hear your hypocritical self bitch about Christmas crap coming out in October, about the commercialization of Christmas, about our materialistic society. Don't bitch about how the stores are open on Thanksgiving. About how many people only go to church on Easter and Christmas. Or how they don't go at all.


And if you do... don't do it around me because you're going to get my rendition of the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song for you.


On a happier note...

Two days before Christmas, I was still thinking about how I did not find the 'ultimate gift' for my husband. He had a couple shirts, a wine rack he'd asked for, and underwear.

Big deal.

He had gifts, but nothing *I* was excited to give.

And so I went onto the Kravis Center website and went through their shows, looking for something he might like. Last year, I got him tix to Bill O'Reilly and he loved it.

So I was scrolling through, not loving any of it, when I saw... Andre Bocelli!

SCORE! Valentine's Day. DOUBLE SCORE!

I went to the seating site, saw he was singing at the BB&T (stadium) and saw the good tickets started at $395.

Holy crap.

So I went up a section, realizing, "I can do this..." picked two seats, hit GO, and as I went to check out, saw my bill was going to be over $700.


I realized, "I'm a pinhead. I must've misunderstood how to select... I chose four or more seats..."

I went back and saw, that even in the next level down, it was $300 a ticket. Holy crap.

So I found us tickets I could afford after playing around. We're in row three hundred and something now.

When he got the tickets I said, "If we close our eyes we can hear him really really well and pretend we're closer. Or... we can bring binoculars!"

So that's what we're doing Valentine's Day.

I'm so excited, because my husband is a BIG fan of Bocelli!

I had nothing to hand him, by the way. The tickets won't arrive for another two weeks. So I printed a picture from on-line, put it in a box, and wrapped it.

Back up plan...

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December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

All is well here, with my eldest at home. The Santa tradition was fun when it was in this home, but the tradition we have now, is even nicer.

With everyone understanding, the kids are very involved. They're constantly thinking of each other and thinking of us. Trips are made to shop for that one gift for that one person, websites are shared, and laughter fills the house.

Bones got Ringo a Steelers Santa hat since he loves the Steelers. It was worn all day. I'm finding of my three kids, he's the one that is constantly mulling over what to get everyone. Most of his gifts are quirky, but thoughtful. We always grin.

They help me wrap now. They help me shop for their cousins. Last night, after Christmas Eve dinner, my husband and I completely beat to hell, they picked up the tape and wrapping paper and started to help us wrap. No questions.

I've not done my Christmas cards yet. I can't get motivated to write. I'm trying. I've written and rewritten and I suspect they'll get out for the New Year. I've yet to take our Christmas photo.

Tired. I'm just tired. The hours at work, the constant stress... I'm just tired. So you start looking around and thinking, "Do I REALLY need to do that? Really?" And sometimes the answer is... No. Not really.

And I've been thinking a lot... thinking about the State of the World, of our Nation.

I was alone in my thoughts last night, finishing my wrapping when I wondered if Christ would have thought he made a difference. He came into this world when things were barbaric and change was needed. He gave hope to many. Being the person he was, by being him, he was able to change the mindset of many, revolutionizing (with some extremist bad thrown in there as well at points in Christian History) the thoughts of large quantities of people lasts even today.

Because of Him, so many are in a better place, living better lives, trying to be better people.

But I wonder if He would have thought... it mattered. Are we in a better place?

Sometimes I wonder if we are at a worse point that anyone could have imagined. I don't know.

Just some things I've been pondering as of late.

On a happier note, as it is Christmas, when you have a son in college, sometimes their gifts are fun and crazy. My son and his roommate in college had this picture taken for the mothers on Christmas Eve. Evidently, they brought a cigar for Santa too, but he told them he couldn't.

This cracked me up.

Ringo Christmas 2013.jpg

From the House of Boudicca... to yours. Merry Christmas and may the next year, bring you many blessings and thoughts of thanks.

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December 15, 2013

I'm not loving this Christmas season. There is just too much and I can't keep up.

Final exams, Christmas cards, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas performances, Christmas parties and it doesn't stop.

I had tutoring tonight with a friend's son for Pre-Calc. We were to meet at Paneras at 715.

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December 11, 2013

Quiet Reindeer

This antler thing is a real pain in the neck.

I went to the library this morning to drop off some books and the drop off is a drive through. I had to slowly roll down my window, take off the antler, drop in my book, put the antler back on, and roll up my window.

Who wants to drive around with one antler and a nose on their car? I look dumb enough with two antlers.

As I was driving to work, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fly off my car.

I thought, "Gah! I lost an antler!" but when I looked at the shadow of my car in the morning sun, there it was... SUV shadow with antlers. (Yes, I am seeing the absurdity in this.)

It seems I lost the crappy little ringy jingly bells and ribbon that were attached at the bottom.

They are on Alt A1A somewhere.

And my antlers are quiet.


Moral of the story, if you buy antlers, take off the little bells and it's quiet...even over 30 MPH.

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December 10, 2013


My son is home from college and all appears to be right with our world. The table was set for five again and the conversation was if it didn't skip a beat.

At one point, Ringo said, "I missed this..."

The four of them just traipsed out to Publix because we were in NEED of apple pie.

The eating has commenced.

As I left a luncheon today, standing on the corner for me to enter the main drag to the highway was a man dressed in Jesus clothes with a cross 3/4 the size of one I would think would be used for a crucifixion.

The irony was not lost on me that as I left a luncheon for the mentally ill, on Okeechobee Blvd stood a big bald white guy, dressed in shepard's clothing circa about 1 AD holding a near life sized cross on his back.

And it's not Easter time. It's CHRISTMAS.

Bones has all As right now. The plan we set up for him is working!


Work is NUTS. I'll be working through Christmas break, although I was informed today I am not allowed to work Christmas Eve. I thought things would be dying down... but they are ramping up.

For the first time... I'm pushing that 40 hour envelope and I've been warned I'm not allowed to do OT. Crazy times...

I bought reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose for my car. Some things to know should you purchase some:

1) They are LOUD, the vibration, over 30 mph.

2) It is easy to find you car when you're parked in a big lot. The antlers just kind of stick out.

3) It's a real pain in the neck if you want to roll down your window. Don't even THINK of rolling down your window when going down I95. The antler will just fly off into traffic behind you. Can you imagine going 80 down -95 and getting hit by a stuffed reindeer antler?

Every day, I come home from work, I pull up to my mailbox, roll down my window, and get the mail.

Today, I rolled down the window and, "FLINK", I watched the antler pop off in the road and I drove the last 3 feet to the mailbox.

Bones: Did that antler just... pop off?

Me: Dang it.

Bones: Looks like you can't roll down your windows.

Me: I'll forget. I'm going to forget.

Bones: Mom, I'll jump out and get it, but do me a favor and REMEMBER I'm behind the car getting the antler, OK? You're memory is garbage lately...

Sheesh. Not good when your son calls you out on it...

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December 09, 2013

It's About the Outlook, Right?

Our conversation tonight:

T: Three and a half inches isn't very much.

Me: No...

T: I'd gladly give them away so I could get a special parking sticker and park anywhere I want


T: yeah, if you're under 5' tall, you're classified as a midget or something and you can get a parking sticker and you can park anywhere.

Me: That's not right.

T: It's true. Elizabeth's sister is less than 5' tall and she has this special stuff like that.


T: It's not that much 3 1/2 inches. I'm already short. I might as well get something like parking out of it...


My second son is 5'3 1/2" tall. He's probably quit growing, but he may get another inch out of it. He's not expecting to hit 5'4".

I had no clue you could get handicap parking for being under 5' tall.

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December 05, 2013

Becareful What You Ask For...

Two days ago, one of Bones teachers put out a plea for paper. Evidently each teacher is only allowed so much paper and then when it's out... it's out. He made it nearly a semester.

Immediately I sent him a note and told him we were good for some paper and I'd have Bones bring it in to school.

This morning Bones had a late start, so after doing some volunteer work at T's school, I took him to Office Depot, having decided that I would just buy a box of paper. And as good fortune would have it, paper was on sale so Bones said "Mom! Just get him two!"

That's two boxes... 20 reams of paper. What the heck.

So we loaded it up and took it to the school. My thought is if I can pay for private school for T, I can surely buy paper for the public school. I'll buy whatever supplies the teachers need.

Evidently I am not alone in that thought.

I walked up to the Student Services window and said to the woman, "I have two boxes of paper for Mr. B. Can you tell him it's here?" I'd already sent him an email from Office Depot telling him what we were doing.

And she got on the speaker and said to him, "Mr. B. There are all these parents here with all this paper. Can you come down here and get it? I don't have room!"

And I looked at Bones and said, "wow, big E factor. One Mom with two boxes of paper?"

Mr. B came down and that was when I became aware, overhearing a woman say, "And I have boxes in my car..." and another mother say, "and I have paper..." that I realized that there were many overcompensating Moms and he now has enough paper for the entire department.

Evidently, he only needed 3 or 4 reams to get him through a quarter. He now has enough to get him through a couple years...

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December 02, 2013

Of Christmas and Mexican Food

Cyber Monday nearly drove me bat crap crazy tonight. The NFL shop is evidently having HUGE sales. Ugh.

I hope to have ALL my shopping finished in the next 10 days. I intend to enjoy this Christmas.

Bones is performing at the Candlelight Processional at Epcot and unbeknownst to me, this is a big frickin' deal. I called for a dinner package and was told they were sold out.

The website said I could make reservations 180 days in advance. ARGH!

I had no idea.

So if you want to get hold of me on Dec 21, it appears I'll be spending the day waiting in a line...


One of the women I work with, an engineer, has a 14 year old daughter. Her daughter begged her to coach their Basketball team... they needed a coach.

I cannot convey to you how dang funny it is that this woman is coaching basketball. It's a small Christian middle school. Evidently coaches are hard to come by, but all these little girls wanted to play.

This friend of mine knows as much about basketball as I do... which is NOTHING.

So the other day at work she was telling us that they have TWO plays. They've perfected one, are pretty good at the other, and in their back pocket, in an act of sheer desperation, there is a third play that they can SOMETIMES pull off.

If she wants the one play, the perfected play, it is the Mexican Food play. She yells any Mexican Food from the sidelines and the girls know what it is.

The other is name a State.

Evidently, halfway through the last game, one of the girls came up to her and said, 'What... is that name of the other play?" to which my friend said, "A state. I'll name a State."

So she stands on the sidelines yelling things like "TACO!" or "BURRITO!"

She said two games ago, the opposing coach started to yell things from his sidelines like, "Avocado!"

I cannot quit laughing. Sometimes when she comes into work, someone will yell, "Enchilada!"

Needless to say, it has not been a winning season... but the girls have had a GREAT time.

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