April 20, 2014

Easter... Spring has Sprung

Happy Easter!

We had family in and there were 15 for dinner, including Ringo's girlfriend.

It is so odd to have a girl in the family. Granted, she's just a girlfriend, nothing THAT serious, but she buys me little things and I find myself picking up little things for her when I'm out and about. I bought her a little bunny watch. I was laughing as I bought it... I'm not used to buying girl gifts.

I'm trying to catch up now that I'm back in town. I worked a 60 hour week when at Nellis and there is a lot going on at home and at work. I got home to find the fridge full of pizza.

Now I know what they ate!

It was beautiful today. We had an Easter Egg hunt for the little people who came to the house, the boys played football after dinner.

Bones is really good with our nephew who is 4.

Speaking of Bones, his best friend is a young man who happens to be black, a completely irrelevant fact, except Bones is now being exposed to bigotry he had not been aware of in the past.

Last week the two of them were at a downtown outside Mall when a woman looked at his buddy and said to her daughter, "Did you lock the car door?"

Bones was horrified. Bones' buddy is a normal 14 year old teenager. His Mom shops at Hollister, he had great 'vogue' black rimmed glasses, he wears his clothes like teenagers wear them. He doesn't wear baggy clothes... no hip hop crap.

Yet he was painted with this thick brush of bigotry and Bones said to me, "Mom, I didn't even know what to say."

I replied, 'You've heard it once and you may not hear it again, but Jamie will hear it over and over... for the rest of his life."

Bones is trying to figure out what to say next time something like that happens. He is thinking of going right over to the person and saying, "God Bless you, M'am/Sir" or "May God find you Peace."

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April 18, 2014

No Ceilings in this Home

Bones was at school the other day, at lunch with a some girls and his two guy friends, when the girls got up. They were going to a 'women's empowerment' seminar.

Freshman in high school, mind you

Bones said, "Hey, we'll go!"

And so Bones and his two buddies walked into this seminar, in an auditorium, full of girls except for the three of them. Oh and the speaker's body guard or as Bones said, "Some dude in a three piece suit and an ear piece."

Bones listened to her speak on when she was the Ambassador to Hungary and with what she does with her philanthropic time.

He listened to them talk about women's issues.

And finally he looked at his buddy and said, "I don't get it. My Mom has a traditional man's job, I guess."

And his buddy looked at him and said, "I don't get it either. My Mom's a sheriff's deputy".

And they continued to listen, flipped through the book they got and Bones said, "I guess, I come from such strong women, my Mom, my aunt, my grandma... women can do anything."

His friend said, "I know."

And he finished with, 'Girls need someone to tell them that?'

We have come a long way... it makes me happy.

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April 13, 2014

A Blue Perspective

I've been in the engine shop at an air base for the last week. Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of getting a personal tour of the Thunderbirds... watching them do the ground practice for their show, being on the tarmac as they taxied off to start their practice show, and waving to the pilots as they passed by in their jets.

I thought, "Bucket list check off!"

And I thought my kids would think this was cool.

I texted Bones on Thursday morning when I finally had time, 'Hey, I spent Tuesday morning out on the flightline with the Thunderbirds."

And the reply I got back was, "Did you see any Blue Angels?"


Made me laugh. They are evidently the grand offspring of a Navy family.

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April 12, 2014


I've been away on business the last 10 days, Nellis AFB in Vegas. I'm home late tonight.

More later... but I hate Vegas. So many disturbing things. And there is a reason they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and from what I witnessed it even applies to regular looking Midwestern grandparents.


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