May 29, 2014

Calling a Spade a Spade

(I got Bones the Hulk compression shirt. He found it in YL and it works!)

About four years ago, we received something in the mail from a group of Nuns. I don't know if we'd sent a donation to their charity or if we'd had a Novena said for one of my husband's parents, but within this packet was a silver Celtic Cross.

Bones has been wearing it every day for the past two years.

For his birthday, he asked for a new Celtic Cross, something a bit nicer than what he has, not the same.

So I've been searching and searching. I sat down with him tonight and brought up a webpage and said, "Let's talk... what do you want? Do you want to go more Catholic with a crucifix or do you want to go more simple?"

He sat there for a minute and finally said, "My parameters? Gold or silver. I don't want it to look exactly like what I have now. No dead bodies. Good night, Ma." And he went to bed.

No dead bodies. :)

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May 27, 2014

Feeling Hulky

Way back in the day, back when Bones was 4 years old, he loved to wear costumes to school. He wore his Hulk costume to school once a week.

I was joking at dinner tonight that we had the cost per wear for that costume down to about $1 per wear.

And why was this the discussion?

Because his 15th birthday is coming up and do you know what he asked for? He asked the Under Armour Hulk compression shirt. Wouldn't you know, I've been scouring the internet and they are evidently not making them anymore.

But I can't quit laughing. Eleven years later, and we still like to dress like Hulk.

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May 18, 2014

Up and Running

The server crashed, but Pixie got it back up and running and I had to find time to sit down and write.

Bones thinks he nailed the EOC. I think that means nothing... given our track record with his attitude. He always thinks everything is awesome.

I did realize that for him, nailing it doesn't mean getting them all right. Nailing it means, "I passed!" Gah! We will see.

Ringo is home from college for the summer and taking Trig at the local JC. He's doing the six week class which means you have to be really serious about the class. It's math from 430-9 on Mondays and Wednesdays, a test every 3rd class.

He's not struggling as he's seen it all before, but it's a lot of math to choke down in a sitting.

He told me yesterday that T was helping him. T is in Pre-Calc/Trig right now and so when Ringo has a problem, his brother sits down with him. In the Fall, they'll both be taking Calculus. That will be interesting...

And on a funny note, I came home from work the other day and Ringo's girlfriend was over. In the pantry, we have candy in plastic bags... from two Halloweens and Easter.

I walked in said, "Hey! What's going on?"

She started to laugh and said, "I found this secret little room today! It was full of chocolate!"

Bwhwhahahaha! The boys thought that was funny too. It won't have chocolate for much longer... ;-)

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May 13, 2014

EOC for Bones

This is a crazy week. Bones is taking his end of quarter exams tomorrow for Algebra.

He has not had homework all semester. Yes, I'm wigging out.

How do you pass a math class without homework?!

I see summer school...

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