November 19, 2014

Spanish Speaking Bones

This is not working. The lack of a short term memory is killing us in Spanish.

I'm drilling him on these vocab words over and over and over. I'm going to speak Spanish before he does! Gah!

Meanwhile, for T, we added another college to apply to. He is applying to Wake Forest and we just added SMU. Neither of which we can afford, but if they can offer a good solid education for a basis of an advanced degree, I'll take out the loans for it.

We don't hear from UF until Mid Feb. He's already been accepted to UCF. The big colleges are just not where he will thrive. If he doesn't get into UF... he needs smaller than UCF. His brother loves it...but I see T getting lost there.

We will see...

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November 13, 2014

Looking to January

I miss this... but my life has changed. It's not always about the boys. And sometimes... the problems young men have are so much larger and more stressful than those that little people have.

It is consuming.

Bones may not be back at his art HS in January. Some things have come up that we're working on. He may be at T's HS... we will see how it pans out.

A teacher at T's school said to me the other day, "You sent him there because you thought it would be a better fit."

I replied, "I think maybe we thought it was. But maybe he had to go there, to realize... he may belong HERE."

The drugs are rampant. I started to ask daily, "So, did you get offered drugs today?" Pot is the drug of choice.

But the answers have been so bizarre. Things like, "three times today" or "No, but today in English, someone broke out some brownies as a snack and when I asked if I could have one, the kid said, "Bones, no... you don't want these..." They were laced with pot."

Bones actually said to me, that if you are not totally self assured, there is no way you won't try it. It's all over and constantly pushed in your face.

The other day he said to me, "Ma, we have a little epidemic of cocaine in our school."

Getting past the whole misuse of the word epidemic, which is so Bones, I'm appalled.

I think the education he is getting is poor, there is rampant drug use, and because of tenure, they can't get rid of the crap teachers.

But, I can't just pull him, because to know Bones means you understand that to do that is pulling us down into a level of hell that is not understandable unless you live with someone like him.

So he's had to buy in. He has to see it... and understand it.

A day at a time...

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