March 25, 2015

Kiss the Girl

My second son is a senior. He graduates in a couple months. So much has happened this year... so much stress, so much growth.

He applied to four universities. His first choice was UF and he did not get in. He was devastated... but I was more so. He's wanted to go there since he was five, but it is so competitive now. It is odd that a state school would be so hard to get into... but when so many good students apply, it becomes somewhat of a lottery.

Kids who should have gotten it, just did not.

He got wait listed at SMU. It was one of the schools he applied to just to see, realizing we didn't have the money to send him and realizing too, he'd probably not get in since we weren't going to travel for them to meet him. No campus visit can pretty much assure you won't get in if you aren't totally top tier and he's not. He's just a good solid student, first chair trombone, Eagle Scout.

He was thrilled to be wait listed, one of just 500 students. But as he said, "We can't afford it. It's just nice they considered me without really knowing me."

We are still waiting on Wake Forest. I feel certain he will get in. We did a campus visit and he had a great interview. As I stood in the middle of campus with him I said, 'This is where the rich people send their kids."

He had miscalculated cost, we realized after we had taken the visit. He didn't see the fine print of room and board and it too is a school that we cannot afford.

But we're waiting to hear and when I said to him, "I do think you will get in" he replied, "That sucks. We can't afford it and they may actually want me. It's too much money..."

We will be accepting his acceptance to UCF instead. He has a full tuition paid scholarship there and with the money we had invested for him in something calle Florida Pre-Paid, it will cost us next to nothing to send him. He wants to go to med school and realizes that the debt to be incurred is in med school, not undergrad.

We talk of his trying to go to med school via the military.

Today he asked his girlfriend to Prom. Her favorite princess is Ariel and so he made a big poster for her that said, "Will you be Ariel to my Eric to Prom?" and he'd pasted a picture of Ariel and Eric from the boat scene "Kiss the Girl".

My sister had a little Ariel squinkie in her home and gave it to him to give to his girlfriend as a memento. Squinkies are tiny little rubbery figures the length of the top of your pinkie. So sweet.

I picture her being 80 years old and opening a box of her treasures for a granddaughter, pulling it out, and remembering the sweet 18 year old boy who'd asked her to prom her Junior year. Her stability in the chaos of her home life.

He is so sweet to her. I watch from afar. My pragmatic take no prisoners son, doing kind and loving things for this young woman who he is sweet on.

He is growing up. He will be leaving soon. I will miss him.
Mr T and Ariel2.jpg

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