December 05, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas...

So I was perusing the blogs the other day when I saw THIS post. It seems a certain blog brother of mine wants a certain weapon for Christmas.

Of course the commenters came up with the classic, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Cracked me up.

And then that bunny suit came into my head and one thing led to another and




I have been laughing myself silly!

And a thank you to Eric for his photoshopping assistance.

Posted by Boudicca at December 5, 2006 10:19 PM | TrackBack

Poor T1G. His been the victim of PhotoShop quite a few times.

Posted by: Sissy at December 6, 2006 12:05 AM

He's, not his. I'm a dork!

Posted by: Sissy at December 6, 2006 12:06 AM

If I recall, Eric loaned him a pink sleeping bag once.

Posted by: Yabu at December 6, 2006 12:34 AM

How funny!

Posted by: Lemon Stand at December 6, 2006 06:31 AM

Sissy? You're not feeling sorry for him are you????

That's funny as hell!!! Hey, I have an idea.......

Posted by: Tammi at December 6, 2006 06:40 AM

hahahahahahahah... ok, that was very funny.

Posted by: vw bug at December 6, 2006 07:17 AM

Tammi, I don't know what your idea is, but I'm wondering if Fritz has enough Christmas decorations up? Bwa-ha-ha!

Posted by: Raging Mom at December 6, 2006 07:26 AM

Damn, he looks quite fetching in pink.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at December 6, 2006 08:46 AM

The ears suit him quite nicely!

Posted by: oddybobo at December 6, 2006 09:07 AM

I don't believe that was photoshopped... *grin*
I'm just sayin...

Posted by: Teresa at December 6, 2006 01:01 PM

Holy cow! T1G's so cuuuuuute!!! Bahahahahaha!

Look out Easter bunny!

Posted by: Richmond at December 6, 2006 02:39 PM

He is soooooooo going to kill you ...


Posted by: Quality Weenie at December 6, 2006 05:03 PM

LOL, that is hysterical! Nice job!

Posted by: Carmen at December 6, 2006 05:30 PM

... it was nothing, really.... although I wish I could have gotten his bangs a little better... he is always so proud of his bangs....

Posted by: Eric at December 6, 2006 06:35 PM

T1G looks so slim in the bunny suit. Could pink be the new "black" in upcoming fashions?

Posted by: Jerry at December 6, 2006 07:33 PM

I'm suddenly thinking back to a picture of me in a fru-fru blue jacket. Yea... I had nothing to do with this, but I'm laughing my arse off.

Posted by: Contagion at December 6, 2006 07:35 PM


Posted by: Contagion at December 6, 2006 07:57 PM


Posted by: Graumagus at December 7, 2006 01:57 AM

That was perfect for the picture I found. Hope you don't mind that I borrowed it.

Great job.

Posted by: sticks at December 7, 2006 08:21 PM