December 10, 2006

Dead Butts

So we’ve got the lights out and are decorating the front of the house. This is our ‘off year’ which means we are spending Christmas at my folks which in turn means we will not be imitating The Griswalds. On the off year, I do most of the lights outside as well.

On the ‘on year’ I’m in charge of things such as the lighted reindeer in the front yard. Last year there was one I just could not get to work, so I cannibalized parts of it to make sure I could get the other to work. (There are two reindeer, that we purchased about 8 years ago… so they are very very worn.)

This year, since I’m doing the lights outside my husband decided to get the broken reindeer to work. He spent about an hour on it and finally said, “The backend doesn’t light.”

Me: That’s the one I ended up k-balling from last year. Since I couldn’t get the backend to work, I took its ears, that did work and put it on the other one’s ears that didn’t. So its ass doesn’t light, huh?

Husband: Nope. It’s dark.

Me: OK. Stick it in those bushes so that only the head is coming out. It’ll hide the fact its butt is broken.

And so that is what we have at the House of Bou this year. Three reindeer (I bought another on sale as I knew this one reindeer is possibly helping to celebrate its last Christmas), one of them feeding, one of them watching and the other one appearing to come out of some bushes as its butt’s got no shine.

It may be time for that reindeer to be put down once and for all…

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Posted by: vw bug at December 11, 2006 06:59 AM

That was another reason Santa put Rudolph in the *front* of the reindeer team: no tail lights.

Posted by: Roses at December 11, 2006 08:23 AM

LMAO! Poor reindeer's butt doesn't light up anymore so it has to hide in the bushes!

Posted by: maranda rites at December 11, 2006 04:58 PM