January 04, 2007


Holy crap! “24” starts next week! The time sponge! Ack! (This would be a heads up to Morrigan. Heh. Tradition dictates we call each other during commercials. Tradition also dictates that during one of these calls she will yell at me, ‘I am wasting TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of my LIFE!’ to which I will reply, ‘Ahhh, but it is only 24 that you are AWARE of.’ They have TIVO now... i wonder if that is going to effect us.)

On a lighter note, Mr. T’s ice cream machine has been very busy. I will say I have not partaken much, just a spoonful here and there.

First go was Vanilla. Very good.

Second go was oreo. The Oreos were crunched too much so it was too… oreo-y.

Next was chocolate fudge brownie. Too chocolatey for me, believe it or not, but everyone else loved it.

This last batch… MMm. I had one spoonful but could have had a bowl. Big. Bowl. Vanilla, Oreo, chocolate chip.

Good Lord.

Posted by Boudicca at January 4, 2007 10:03 PM | TrackBack

mmmmmm Yummy.

I am TiVoing 24 too. This way I can go back and check on things. It moves so fast....

Posted by: caltechgirl at January 4, 2007 10:16 PM

You do know that the first 4 episodes are jammed close in together... right. Two hours on Sunday and two on Monday...

Jack is Back!!! YAY!!!

Posted by: Teresa at January 5, 2007 12:48 AM