January 17, 2007

Smooooooth Talker

On Tuesdays and Thursdays my kids’ school has an after school program where the kids sign up and walk or run from 2:45 until 4:00. All children from ages K-3 must have a parent there as its not a baby sitting service. Many many Moms walk or run, me being one.

When each parent or kid hits 5 miles, they get a yellow tshirt with the name of our team on the front. When the parent or kid hits 20 miles, they get footprints stamped on the back with a 20 on it. At 26 miles, “Marathon Runner” is stamped. At every increment of 10, from 30 on, there are the footprints with the mileages stamped in. The kids also get plastic charms for their backpacks showing what mileage they achieved.

Over 210 kids and Moms (one Dad) are participating… and it’s mostly kids.

I’m at 30 miles. Bones and Ringo are at 26, and Mr. T is at 50 miles. T runs the entire hour and 15 minutes.

I started it initially because Bones has a bit of a bounce back effect as his Ritalin wears off. But after the first day, I was sold. And as a bigger motivation for the kids, this year we’re ‘walking the equator.’ In the school clinic is a poster of the world and as you check out each day with your mileage, the coach adds the mileage for the group and the kids can see how far we’ve around the equator we’ve traveled. It’s been very educational.

And for the record, the equator is BIG around and we think we won’t make it this year… and maybe not even next, but the kids are digging it. (Previous years we walked all around the USA, touching every state.)

Anyway, last night was hectic. My husband had a meeting, there was homework and my eldest is struggling in Math. He and I ended up fighting over it while I was trying to help Bones with his reading and spelling and trying to get everyone ready for bed as well.

Frazzled. It’s been a tough couple days and last night I was frazzled.

I was still helping my eldest, he was sitting at the kitchen table grinding his teeth over proportions and solving for X when I went in to kiss Bones.

I’d still not showered from our after school event, where I’d walked 4 miles. Whereas most of the country appears to be doing some bitter cold nasty snowy icy horrible weather stuff… we’re still at 80 degrees. And I sweat. A lot.

I went in to kiss Bones and he said to me, “Mom, will you snuggle with me? *pause* *speaking quickly as he is anticipating me saying no* It’s OK. I LOVE how you stink!”

Heh. I still said no, but that cracked me up.

Posted by Boudicca at January 17, 2007 10:04 PM | TrackBack

Get moving. You've got a long way to go: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers). Mr. T will get there first, of course.

Posted by: Angus of Locherby at January 17, 2007 10:35 PM

He's all about the way people smell lately. Morrigan told me the, "I've got good news, and I've got bad news" Too funny!

I of course got in trouble some as a kid, but my dad and I got in our first true, end of the world, can't stop crying moment...over math homework! 8th grade, 13, algebra....

Posted by: Sissy at January 17, 2007 11:03 PM

What? I don't believe you. I've been told for years that women don't sweat, they "gently perspire." Surely I've not been lied to...

Posted by: Ogre at January 18, 2007 08:08 AM

I thought women glistened... :) What a cool concept. Of course we would be out in snowsuits, possibly sledding around the equator.

Posted by: Jody at January 18, 2007 08:17 AM

so that was the smell wafting up from the south last night...

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at January 18, 2007 08:52 AM

That "walking around the equator" sounds like an excellent project - I'm doing my "Movement Education for Elementary Teachers" course right now and I'm going to bring this up to the prof, she'll love it.

Only our kids could love our stink...

Posted by: Lisa W. at January 18, 2007 05:02 PM

What a great idea. I want to participate. It sounds like so much fun.

Posted by: sticks at January 19, 2007 06:31 PM