January 22, 2007

Time Flies

This week is our school carnival. A true carnival in every sense of the word. Iíve been blogging on it every year since I started blogging. As the school treasurerÖ I will live at the school from 9AM Friday morning until 10PM on Sunday night. I will see my kids on Sunday morning before they go to Mass. They will come by at night to say good night before they leave for home. But thatís it.

I will be shut in a room the most of the weekend, counting money and running the ticket booths. It is an odd feeling to be sequestered like that. Luckily I work with great women. We are picky who we get to work with us. But as one of them put it, by the late Friday night, it feelsÖ seedy. We all feel like we should be wearing visors, smoking cigars, with a glass of scotch while throwing poker chips into a pile.

We feel like dealers at a casino or something.

Every night I leave, I cannot wait to get home and bathe.

Carnivals. Rides. Carnival workers. Lights. Noise. The smell of Carnival Food.

Iíve gotten to know the gentleman who owns the company and he is an up and up kind of guy. Iíve been impressed. Iím not kidding. And last year I got to hear his life story, how he got into the Carnival business and it was absolutely fascinating.

He is more comfortable now. Weíre not out to screw him and he is laid back.

Knock on wood. But I like him. Even though weíre all business. Weíve been dealing with him for a number of years. Itís a good business relationship.

But I am anxious. Two years ago when I realized it was part of my job to run the money of this three day BIG frickiní event, I was reluctant. I just watched from afar as it was being planned. Now, Iím the money. There was question the other day about what was to happen, and I flat out told the planning group, ďIím the money. Come to me.Ē

I guess Iím not such the reluctant leader now. I hope they know what they're in for. Afterall, I suspect I have another 6 years to go.

But as I said, I am anxious. I know what is coming down the pike. The lack of sleep, the stress of going into sensory overload. I have police protection, so I donít worry for my safety. ItísÖ the sensory input.


Every time I walk out from the quiet of our little room, which I must do frequently, I walk into the lights, the blaring music, the smells, the crowds. It literally offends every one of my five senses in some way, repeatedly.

It is too much.

So by Sunday, I am a zombie. I am numb. I want to sleep. I want some sort of sensory deprivation tank.

Donít talk to me. Donít touch me. Donít make me smell you. Donít make me eat. Donít make me open my eyes.

But this weekÖ it is the anxiety, if you will, of knowing what is coming. The Good and the Bad.

LuckilyÖ the Good outweighs the Bad tenfold. My kids have the best time and THAT makes it all worthwhile.

Posted by Boudicca at January 22, 2007 10:07 PM | TrackBack

oh I am SO sorry. I know how much this drains you! But the kids will have fun, I hope.

Posted by: caltechgirl at January 23, 2007 12:33 AM

Hoo boy - time *does* fly! It seems like you just DID this...

Posted by: Richmond at January 23, 2007 04:37 PM