March 04, 2007

Pizza and Quilts

Today’s dinner conversation dealt with ‘the pizza piece’. I don’t know if I’ve blogged on it before.

During Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, the Priest stands at the altar, holds the big round host, does his thing and then breaks it into pieces. My boys call these pieces ‘the Pizza Piece’.

There are limited numbers of those, of course, so most everyone gets the round ones bought from Catholic Communion Items ‘R Us, except a select few.

Evidently today, everyone in the family got The Pizza Piece. Well, except for Bones, who makes his First Holy Communion in three weeks. He’s excited about being able to take Communion with his brothers, but more excited about the prospect of getting The Pizza Piece.

I wish I had a video camera so I could show the great animation that comes with The Pizza Piece discussions. It really is funny. You’d think they’d won a great prize.

And so Bones’ Holy Communion is coming up, which means I’m… a quilting madwoman. You can see it HERE from two years ago when I made the quilt for Mr. T’s class. This year, the quilt is 80 squares. It’s HUGE. Mr. T’s 2nd grade quilt was 64. Each square is 8 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches.

Big. This quilt is Big.

I’ll take pictures later in the week when I get the quilt top together. I have two great Moms helping me and I’m doing the finishing touches. But today has been a real bitch.

I don’t want to do this quilt ever again.

Parents do not listen. They used different fabric than what I gave them. They cut it different. I don’t even know if they washed it. One used some sort of burlap. They used materials I told them not to use.

It makes me nuts.

And to make matters worse, I’m fighting with my machine. I have a very basic sewing machine. Nothing big and fancy. I think I paid like $150 for it. It’s not that old and I need to take it in. I fought with it so much today, I had it torn apart to see if I couldn’t figure out what in the hell was going on.

It’s never a good sign with the seamstress has a screw driver in her hand and is cussing like a sailor.

It’s a quilt for children making their 1st Holy Communion and I’m over it cussing up a storm in between squares.

Not nice.

So we shall see. I’m debating taking it to the shop tomorrow or seeing if I can eek it out through this quilt. I’m leaning towards the shop. With my luck it’ll break when I need it working most.

As for the finished quilt, there is debate as to where it will go this year. I don’t remember where the quilt from Ringo’s class went, but the quilt from the next class went on the coffin of a friend of mine. The quilt is given to someone who has need of healing… and my friend ended up dying of myriad things, cancer being one. She had been given the quilt by that year’s Holy Communion class that April and died in October, hence the quilt on her casket.

The quilt I made for Mr. T’s class went to our local cancer hospital. They had a new wing built for children with cancer, and the quilt went there as a wall hanging.

Last year’s quilt, which I did not make, went to another friend of mine who had cancer as well. She ended up dying in July and once again... it ended up on her casket instead of the flower spray.

So I tell people, “You don’t want this quilt. You really DON’T!” It’s been on too many coffins for me.

I was talking to one of the Moms helping me, who has never quilted, and I said to her, “Look, you shouldn’t be stressing about your end and how it looks. Do the best you can do, and it’ll work. Nobody is focusing on our work… but only on their square and its placement in the quilt.”

She said I was right and she’s not stressing… and then she said, “My grandmother always says things can be broken into two categories… the first is ‘Who gives a shit’ and the second is ‘Oh shit’”.

I laughed and said, “This quilt falls under ‘who gives a shit’. The person who gets it is the one who’s dealing with the ‘Oh shit’.” Gah!

I so pray my family is never in a way that it gets this quilt. Ever.

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Sweetthing used to put together quilts with her sewing machine..until I convinced her it was cheaper to buy the quilts than it was to keep replacing the sewing machine. My Mother made quilts..had them quilting bees where all the ladies came in a lied to each other about the lady who didn't show up..but later Mom got one of those heavy duty machines that would sew everything from linen to leather and used it for the quilts.

Posted by: GUYK at March 4, 2007 11:39 PM

Grandmas say the coolest things. :)

Posted by: Roses at March 6, 2007 09:41 PM