March 16, 2007

When I Said Stories...

...I didn’t mean these kinds of stories.

Good Grief.

And you all were supposed to be praying. You know… good weather, no rain, yada yada yada, and you obviously didn’t. Or I’d not be here right now!


Where to start… other than the fact nobody got hurt.

I was up late last night… 2AM, trying to meet a deadline for some things I’m working on. I had to be up early to meet another family that we camp next to. (We're camping with Cub Scouts.) My husband has to work all weekend, so it was just me and the boys. I was to be at our friends' at 10 so we could head out… but I couldn’t do it and the stress of meeting their schedule was seriously giving me a migraine. No joke. So I told them I’d do it on my own… and immediately the tension went away.

My issue really was my cooler. I have one filled with ice and perishables and it’s really heavy. I can’t lift it myself and thinking of how to get it out of my van and onto a boat and to my campsite was not a pleasant thought.

I don’t like to ask for help.

And so the boys and I pulled up to the dock about 1, ready to get set and go… I opened my car and saw that big cooler and something in me must’ve felt really big. I lifted it up and put it on the ground… a boat cooler with 7 bags of ice and a gallon of milk and Lord only knows what else… and I heard behind me a male voice say, “Whoaaaaa….”

I turned around and there stood this Robert DeNiro look alike… no joke… and a friend. They immediately rushed over and said, “You won’t be carrying this… where do you want it?” I kind of laughed and said I had every intention of handling the situation, but since they offered, I told them where it went.

As they left, I heard the DeNiro look alike say to his friend in heavy NY accent, ‘Did you see that name on that cooler? They’re Italian…”

It was so funny to hear that. My husband is. I am not. But it made me laugh… Italian men crack me up.

I got to camp, got it set up, our friends were there already set up… and I believe it was probably 2:30 before we finally arrived. Camp was set up at 3. My kids were out playing and I was messing around with a rain fly rod that had broken… fixing it with duct tape.

A ranger came through and said that a nasty storm was coming through and to get our stuff tucked in.

And I did. I quickly threw everything into the middle of the tent… anything I didn’t want wet and when it started to rain, I tucked myself in the tent as well. My boys were out playing and I didn’t think anything of it immediately… I knew who they were with. I figured heavy rain.

Within minutes, it went from rain to 50-60 mph gusts… it was a damn squall. I was in the tent trying to hold it up… I’m not kidding, trying to hold it up when I heard a snap. I thought my tent was coming apart with ME in it, so I jumped out and tried to hold it up from the outside.

And that’s when the back end caved in. It was like an umbrella turned inside out.

I turned around to see my friend running with her two year old on her hip. I ran after her asking her if she’d seen my boys. She said she thought they were holed up in the bathroom.

I followed her into the women’s restroom and about two minutes later said, ‘I have to see if they’re there…” I went to the men’s room and they only had one of my sons.

It wasn't that I was worried that something would happen to them. I felt certain they were safe. What had me worried was that they might be scared and I wasn't there. They needed to know I was there... I needed to be there if they were afraid.

I ran down the path, soaked to the bone, the driving rain and frickin’ hail pelting me, clad only in a black tank top and shorts, on my way to the dock as I knew they’d been there, when I saw them running towards me. They were with a Dad who is a deputy in town and they had been seeking cover with him, until they ran to the restrooms, which is the safest place.

And then it was over. The entire thing lasted 10 or 15 minutes. I thought the worst was being pelted by marble sized hail.

I was wrong. Actually the worst was worrying for my children.

The 2nd worst was finding my tent 4 inches in water. Most everything was soaked…towels, clothes, camera ruined, blankets, pillows.

And so, we made the command decision to tear the tent down to dry out, leave the coolers, take home the wet stuff and dry it out and come back in the morning and start again. So that’s why I’m here tonight… but will be gone for the weekend.

We’re going back. I’m camping this weekend. Dammit. I just hope I can get that damn tent dried out…

Posted by Boudicca at March 16, 2007 10:04 PM | TrackBack

That blows!

And what drugs are you taking that makes you want to go back and when are you going to share?

Posted by: Sissy at March 16, 2007 10:42 PM

You are the BEST mom ever!

Posted by: m~ at March 16, 2007 10:53 PM

You know, the first time I went on a Cub Scout camping trip with Elderspawn, they made fun of me for dragging my 12' x 16' double bell wedge tent (which is made from heavy canvas and has 2x4's for poles).

When the 50 mph winds hit and my tent didn't budge, they stopped laughing :)

Posted by: Graumagus at March 19, 2007 08:02 AM