April 13, 2007

Stabbings on an Unknown Planet

I donít think Iíve blogged on a Dinner At Bouís in awhile. This happened a few weeks ago and I was reminded tonight as my eldest two boys brought it up re-enacting the scene as they laughed themselves silly.

We were sitting at the table, the five of us, having pleasant conversation, which probably means Bones was just eating and mentally on his own planet with his drummer, when out of the blue Bones said to us, blurting actually, ďSo am I going to go to High School or am I going to get stabbed?Ē

At that point, all chewing ceased, all eyes were upon him doing one huge simultaneous, *BLINK!*.

Finally one of us said, escapes me now as to who it was, ďWhat?Ē

And then Mr. T looked at Ringo, took his fist and pretended he was stabbing Ringo in the chest, and Ringo then gave way to a surprised look at being stabbed, closed his eyes, went slack jawed, and slunk down in his chair as if he were melting.

Tonightís dinner was an impromptu resurrection of said scene, beginning with Ringo imitating Bonesí outburst and then Mr. T jumping into the fake stabbing scene.


Bones just sat there watching, both times actually, completely oblivious as to why it was funny, or the fact it was directed at him.

I suspect life is nice and cozy on his planetÖ listening to the beat of that drum.

Posted by Boudicca at April 13, 2007 08:43 PM | TrackBack

So did you find out why he asked that?

Posted by: Sissy at April 13, 2007 09:29 PM

We have NO CLUE. He finally said, "Oh oh oh, I didn't mean it. I meant something else." But he never told us what it was... we chalked it up to bones being bones.

Posted by: Bou at April 13, 2007 09:35 PM