April 23, 2007

The Name Game

We had a wonderful weekend with Sissy coming in on Saturday and spending the evening and Sunday afternoon with us before she headed to Miami for business. (Sidenote: We watched The Illusionist with Edward Norton, one of my favorite actors, and I really enjoyed it…)

Anyway, my boys know Sissy as she is one of Morrigan’s dearest friends and so with every visit to Atlanta, when Sissy has been around, they’ve been able to hang out with her. This was the first time she’s been to our abode.

While she was here, we went to the beach, watched a movie, had her play Whoonu with the boys, and she just blended with everyone, although there is no doubt she must’ve thought at times she was visiting the circus.

The boys have a nickname for everyone in the family and their best buddy. Ringo is Lard, Mr. T is Triscuit, Bones is Craisin, their buddy, Son#4 is Puke, their father is Father Jacobs and I am Mother Tortellini. They actually call us at times, Father Jacobs and Mother Tortellini, I’m not kidding. This is pretty common.

We have no idea where these names came from. We just kind of go with the flow here...

So Sissy was sitting with us at dinner, the boys were talking about the family nicknames and Mr. T looked at Sissy and blurted, “And you’re Sesame Seed Joe!”

And there you have it. Her new family nickname. I feel certain this is going to come up at the Great Wedding of 2007. Just a suspicion…

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Hah Sissy. Sesame Seed Joe and Mr. Goat sounds like a good band, you and Zonker should go on tour.

Posted by: caltechgirl at April 23, 2007 11:16 PM