May 23, 2007

And They Call it... Puppy Love

I need to find a way to record Bones voice and download it because sometimes I think it is the sound of his voice, the cadence of his speech, that make the damn story. But… that’s not happened, so you’re stuck with my storytelling rendition which really doesn’t do it justice.

Bones had a ‘girlfriend’ named Jessie. He has a thing for blonde haired girls and considering my hair is so brown, I was told recently it was almost black, he definitely does NOT have any type of Oedipus complex thingy goin’ on.

Anyway, Jessie is one of those little giggly girlie girls. I think she’s sweet, but the giggly girlie girlness is tough for me. I wasn’t like that as a little girl. So yesterday, Jessie decided she was in love with Frank, so she sent a band of her little girlfriends to tell Bones that she wanted to ‘break up with him’ because she liked Frank. Then I guess she told him personally, “And when we go on our field trip next week to the pool… I don’t want to hang out with you.”

These kids are in SECOND grade.


So he poured out his heart broken story to me yesterday in the car, where we do our best one on one talking time he said to me, “Mom, I don’t get it. Why did she have to send her friends? She always does that. Why can’t she just tell ME? It’s nobody else’s business.”

I said, “Bones, if you’re going to have a ‘girlfriend’, you don’t need one who plays games and can’t come tell you things herself. I say, ‘good riddance’ and just have lots of girls as friends and leave it alone.”

We talked about it a little longer and I mentioned some other little girls in his class that I thought were nice girls and I told him that maybe if he wanted to hang with girls, he should think about them. He was receptive.

Today I went to chaperone the older boys and Bones teacher happened to be outside. She’s a friend of mine… but we don’t hang together much right now since she is Bones’ teacher. Once he’s out of her class, we’re hoping to do lunch and hang more.

Anyway, she came up to me and started laughing and said, “I wanted you to have this. You may want to keep it.”

It was a note from Jessie. She had passed it through one of her little girlfriends to get to him and it was intercepted. I have it to… keep until he gets married at which point it will resurrect itself. He has no idea I have it.

It is written exactly like this:

Dear Bones, Do you still
Like me. If you do circle Yes or


p.s. I like Frank and Frank
likes me.

from: Jessie
to: Bones

His teacher and I were laughing our butts off. Do you like me? Please check one, yes or no. Holy crap. It can’t get any more classic than that. (The teacher was also horrified and talked to the girls about being ‘too young’.)

So this afternoon, once again, it is just him and me and I said to him, “So. Anything happen in school today?” and the following conversation ensued, to the best of my recollection.

Bones: Mom, can you believe Jessie? She sent me a NOTE in school and my teacher found it. She actually asked me if I STILL like her. Is she stupid? Why would I still like her after yesterday?

Me: Good point.

Bones: Geez. There are nicer girls. I know when we get to the pool and I don’t hang out with her now, she’s going to be all upset.

Me: Not your problem….

Bones: I know. You know, Mom, when I got back to my table, I said to everyone at my table, including Frank (same Frank who is in the note), “What does she think? This is going to hurt me? I’m not the jealous type. If she’s happy, then I’m happy. If Frank likes some hot chick, then I feel good for him.”

I just looked at him and had him repeat it as I was stunned. This is a little 2nd grader… speaking so matter of fact. “I’m not the jealous type” Wha?! And if Frank likes a ‘hot chick’? Gah!

Second GRADE!

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My goodness, they do grow up so quickly. If you agree, circle "yes," if not, circle "no." If kids need to get a grip and slow the heck down with "intimate relationships," before they develop their special sprouting parts, circle "oy."




Posted by: Erica at May 23, 2007 09:05 PM

Haha! I'd like to see Bones and Caitlin chatting. All these big understandings of the world and love.

Posted by: Sissy at May 23, 2007 09:20 PM

That is too funny! I don't think I'm ever going to have to worry about that with Arthur! I had to ride with Professor Science to the veterinary clinic today (about an hour round trip). You can always tell when he's seen something new on tv.

He saw a show on diamonds. Then he saw a show on bullet proof vests. Of course, he is now wondering if thin fibers coated with diamond dust and woven into a garment would be tough enough to withstand a bullet. But then, it wouldn't have the dissipative powers of the gel-filled vest he saw on tv. How do I think he should address that? He actually makes my head hurt some days.

Trust me, Bou, it is better to get this kind of romance stuff out of the way when they are young. I think your son will have a better handle on it before he leaves home on his own, which can only be a good thing.

Our daughter didn't date until college. Not because we placed restrictions - just nobody ever asked her out! I don't know why, but there you are. So, freshman year of college there was a whirlwind of boys the first few weeks, and now there is this one that just won't go away. It has been kind of nerve wracking, actually.

Yesterday, a girl materialized on our doorstep. She was actually kind of cute. I don't think I like that. She said she came from our oldest boy's German class. Oh, dear! This is the first I've had to think about that (well, not counting the exasperating telephone giggler who used to call for him in middle school, or the two little girls from Texas who called to flirt with him long distance). I was kind of hoping the geek factor might keep the girls at bay until he turned 30.

Posted by: Peggy U at May 24, 2007 02:09 AM

Oh My! What have I to look forward to!

Posted by: oddybobo at May 24, 2007 08:19 AM

...ouch...I can see this coming my way in the next two years. Little Blackfive (at 6) already talks like he's 13.

Posted by: Blackfive at May 24, 2007 12:02 PM

Some of them start very young... others could care less. Bones is a smart cookie - he won't be a doormat for anyone. *grin*

Posted by: Teresa at May 24, 2007 12:19 PM


Posted by: caltechgirl at May 24, 2007 01:08 PM

What would have happened if he *was* the jealous type?

::knocks on wood::

Posted by: Roses at May 24, 2007 08:59 PM

Hoo boy - this all started in the second grade here... (God help us.)

Posted by: Richmond at May 24, 2007 09:45 PM