June 27, 2007

Would You Grow Pirranahs in your Sink?

For those who have ever questioned it, I assure you, my husband is an infinitely patient man. Im a bit of a twidget and constantly have something going on whether our house is overflowing with Treasury books for the school, or storing 30 tea pots for a fashion show to take place 8 months down the road, or fabric all over because I got some great idea on a big quilt to make (more on that in another post) or trust me. I always have some great idea on what I need to do next and he pretty much says nothing.

Yesterday we were at dinner and the following conversation ensued to the best of my recollection.

Me: Boys, there is a BIG tub of dirt in my refrigerator. How long is that going to stay in there?

(The tub of dirt takes up nearly a quarter of my bottom shelf.)

Ringo: Just a couple more weeks, Mom.

Me: WHA?! Its been in there for FOUR WEEKS already!

Mr. T: I know. It needs more time.

Me: WHY. WHY does it need more time?

Mr. T: Because it is supposed to be like winter.

Ringo: It said 6-8 weeks in the fridge. Were settling on 7. When we get back from vacation, well be on 7 weeks.

Me: *blink* Winter. What in the hell are we growing again?

Bones: Plants that eat things.

Mr. T: You know, like a Venus fly trap.

(Keep in my mind my husband is watching this entire conversation, not saying a word.)

Me: We are?

Mr. T: yeah. YOU bought it for us, remember?

Me: I did. Sometimes I wonder what Im thinking.

My husband, looking across the table from me: YOU think YOU wonder what YOURE thinking. Phhht. I NEVER get what youre thinking.


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Piranha, schmiranha.

What you need is to have a tank full of the dreaded candiru fish...

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