July 06, 2007

New Meaning to, 'You throw like a girl!'

The younger boys were out skating today with their father. My eldest and I were at home. He was playing Morrigan’s Wii. She and her beau/husband always bring it home with them.

Ringo was playing baseball. He said, “You know whose almost a pro ball player in this game, Mom? Mimi.”

Me: Mimi? Well, she rates as a pro-bowler on the Wii.

Ringo: Yeah, but I needed a home run and she hit me one the other day. I think she’s a pro in baseball too.

I suspect when I’m a grandmother, I will not be able to fill those shoes…

Posted by Boudicca at July 6, 2007 09:08 PM | TrackBack

I remember my grandmother being able to play Mario Brothers on Nintendo all the way through with one man. I was always so impressed. My grandpa used to say that he used to hear that damn music in his sleep.

Posted by: Sissy at July 6, 2007 09:22 PM

Maybe not, but you make that face. Can Mimi do that?

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at July 7, 2007 10:55 AM