August 10, 2007

When A Baby Laughs... The Whole World Laughs With It

Sissy, who is no longer blogging, sent me a link to the funniest video. I in turn found it on Youtube, so I could blog it. (It's at the bottom of this post.)

Helen is due within the next 10 weeks to have her twins, the Lemonheads. I thought of her when I saw this video.

You may be asking, “Why? She doesn’t even have those babies yet! They’re still just two buns in the oven!”

Why? Well… because… when you are pregnant with your first it is fraught with worry. Worry about the pregnancy (which she has twice as bad as I did as she’s got the twinny thing goin’ on), worry about how to care for a baby, worry about what to expect in the delivery, worry about the general health of the baby, worry about what it is going to be like to not sleep, etc., etc., etc.

They are all common worries and I’ve only touched on just a few, trust me. Pregnant Moms can come up with some weird freaky crap to worry about when it is 2AM and you’re alone with your thoughts. Good Grief. Pregnancy can take paranoia and worry to a WHOLE NEW level, folks. Trust me.

But the general populace doesn’t help either. Oh no. They love to say wicked things, they think are funny, but to a soon to be first time Mom? No. They are not funny. At all.

The laughing over the fact you’ll not sleep again. That’s a pretty scary thing to think about when you’ve not experienced it before. I don't get why people would laugh at someone else's potential discomfort. I don't get it.

Or when they say things about how you look like, “Look at you! You are HUGE!”

There is nothing that can be converted into something nice, warm, and fuzzy with that statement. People who say that to pregnant woman should be… well… they should be shot.


The one that used to piss me off the most, was in the last 8 weeks when someone would say to me, “That baby is getting HUGE in there! Look how big you are!”

I wanted to scream at them, “You’re an ASSHOLE!” Perhaps I should have yelled, “YOU NEED TO BE SHOT!”


Because listen, there is only one way to get out of pregnancy, and that is childbirth and everyone knows that even the perfect childbirth involves a lot of pain.

The thought of having a really really big baby, when one knows they are planning to NOT have a C-section, is pretty damn scary. I am 5’2” and before my first baby, I weighed 115 lbs. The thought of having a HUGE baby scared the ever living crap out of me. There’s only one way out of there folks, short of surgery, and having gargantuan bubble head baby, is a horrible scary frickin’ thought.

And for the record, he was huge, it was a normal childbirth, and he had such a big head that when it emerged the doctor said to the nurse, “Wow. Big head.”

Eh, come the next pregnancy it was a ‘been there done that’ and a non event to think I was having a big baby.

But that first pregnancy? I frickin’ lost sleep over that!

Anyway, people say mean things. Whether they mean to or not, is irrelevant, the fact remains, people do not think before they speak, or they’re just jerkfaces.



This is why I thought of Helen. I know people are saying things that must have her worried. They have to be because… that is the nature of pregnancy.

I know there is the fear of sleepless nights and pacing floors with crying babies and on and on and on…but for every day where you feel like you cannot take anymore… there is an instant where something so wonderful warms your heart you think, ‘OH my God. I am so in love with my life and my baby!’ and it makes all the other stuff disappear.

*Poof!* It is gone. And it is all worth it. Life is good and bad… and with babies, barring illness… the good outweighs the bad.

And I saw this video and I thought of this… I remember my babies getting like this baby in the video and I remember my husband and I looking at each other thinking, “This is the most marvelous thing we have ever done… creating this life.”

And to Helen I would say… 10 seconds of laughing baby will wash away hours of just about anything else. It is the most wonderous sound… and you cannot help but laugh with it.

Posted by Boudicca at August 10, 2007 08:32 PM | TrackBack

OMG...that is hysterical! Babies often shock me...for such little things they have the heartiest laughs. I knew a little girl, less than three years old, sweet, pretty, blond curls and all dainty like, and we were all sitting on the floor of the living room, playing, and she cut this massive carpet-ripping fart that would have shamed an army of Scrapple eating truck drivers. It was most impressive.

Posted by: Erica at August 10, 2007 09:23 PM

I remember once when my eldest was about 18 months old, he walked into a room and my husband accidentally scared him. It was like Ringo didn't know he was there, and my husband said something.

My toddler looked at him, wide eyed and inhaled/gasped with surprise, and then GRABBED HIS CHEST like he was having a frickin' heart attack, bent over at the waist and started laughing.

My husband and I laughed so hard we were crying. Where did he learn that? Good grief.

Little kids are so funny.

Posted by: Bou at August 10, 2007 09:30 PM

I have bookmarked this post-it's exactly what I need. EXACTLY. It's so terrifying when you've never done this before, and have no idea what's coming.

I love you.

And the baby laughing video? Made me tear up. I love it.

Posted by: Helen at August 11, 2007 03:51 AM

It is terrifying the first go r-ound. No doubt. And unfortunately, they don't come with little manuals. But it is one helluva ride. I promise you... it is like life, one big rollecoaster and one helluva ride!!!

Posted by: Bou at August 11, 2007 07:45 AM

That is the perfect post for Helen. I wish I knew you when I was prego!!! You SO rock!!!!!

Posted by: Amy at August 11, 2007 09:05 AM

Now that's a belly laugh!

Hell... I'm laughing almost as hard as the little guy.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at August 11, 2007 11:00 AM

If I ever do stand-up, I want that kid in the audience. I mean it.

Posted by: Elisson at August 11, 2007 12:09 PM

Hahahahahhahahahaha!!!! That made *all* of us laugh out loud!! :^) I remember the first time my eldest had a full on belly laugh - I was tearing tape. Really.

To a baby?? Hilarious... Love it. **ding** :)

Posted by: Richmond at August 11, 2007 06:20 PM

even hubby laughed at that one. :)

Posted by: wRitErsblock at August 11, 2007 08:11 PM