August 11, 2007

Shaped Like a Tree... Or a Large Boy

Last night I was writing a post when Bones came in and said, ‘Mom, I’m helping put laundry away. These are yours”, and he placed two pairs of jeans on the bed.

Later that night, as my husband was getting ready for bed he said to me, “What are the boys’ jeans doing on our bed?”

I replied, “Boys’ jeans? Bones said they were mine.”

He picked them up and sure enough, they were small boys jeans. For sure.

This morning Bones came into our bedroom and my husband said, “Bones, what’s up with putting your jeans in our room?”

Bones: Those aren’t MINE! Those are MOM’S!!

Husband: Bones. Look at these. Look how small they are. These are yours. I know your Mom is really really flattered that you think her butt and her waist are that small, but trust me, these are NOT hers.

(Now at this point, I am laughing, but inside me, the woman inside me thinks I probably should have hurled a shoe at him or something…)

To prove my husband’s point, I flipped over the tag inside the biggest pair and said, “Dude, reading is a life skill. These are a size 8R. These are boy jeans. I promise you I do not wear a size 8R in boys jeans.”

He realized they were Mr. T’s jeans and that the others, the size 6S, were in fact his.

I have to tell you though, at first blush, waist and butt aside, I am amazed at how much my boys are growing. The length of Mr. T’s jeans were only off by about 6 inches. They could have passed for crop.

Other than the waist and butt…

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LOL! My daughter is a size 0, and her youngest brother wears a size 7 or 8 boy's shirt. Both of them had long sleeved t-shirts (his from Old Navy, hers from the GAP - so the shirts were identically colored) that were robin's-egg blue. Of course, hers was a snug belly-baring fit, so it looked small.

One day I handed him his shirt and he wore it most of the day before I figured out what was wrong. Body fit just fine (a comfortable loose fit), but the sleeves were dragging! I rolled them up, thinking, "What the hell happened in the washing machine?" Then I remembered that she had owned a shirt like that and must have left it behind when she did her laundry. Sure enough.

Didn't bother Arthur, though. This is the same kid who walked all over the mall with his jeans on backwards.

Posted by: Peggy U at August 13, 2007 12:32 PM

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