August 24, 2007

Stones, Rocks, and Boulders

I’ve lived under a rock pretty much my entire adult life. Since 9/11, as I’ve withdrawn from the American primary social medium, TV, this rock has gotten boulder sized. My kids unintentionally hammer this home. Today’s conversation in the asexual mom-mobile could have been humiliating if my kids weren’t still so OK with the fact that I’m a dork.

That will change. I am sure. Although, Ringo as uptight as he can be with me, still doesn’t shun me, and seems to find this dorkiness of mine somewhat endearing.

That will change. I am sure.

So the following conversation ensued, today, to the best of my recollection. Couple points of reference… first, in the comments here, I admit readily to have never having heard of some kid named Zac Efron. Second, Bones watched Grease on TV the other day and said to me, “Mom, it’s an old fashioned high school musical”. That reference was lost on me… I thought he was making a statement… until today. I just kept answering, “Why yes, it is!”


Mr. T: We played Fame yesterday in class.

Me: What is this Fame game?

Mr. T: Everyone has a famous person pinned to their back and you have to go around the class and ask questions to figure out who you got. I got Bill Clinton.

Me: Ick. Really?

Mr. T: Yeah, Presidents are hard. I don’t know them all.

Me: *blink* Dude, he was JUST president… it wasn’t that far of a mental stretch for you!

Mr. T: I know. But I had a tough time. It took me awhile.

Ringo, glancing up from his book while riding shotgun: Mine was easy when I played in 5th grade. I guessed it immediately.

Me: Who’d you get?

Ringo: Usher.

Me: Usher? Who in the hell is Usher? A poet?

(I’m zooming in on Edgar Allen Poe here… I’m truly at a complete loss.)

Ringo, giving me his full attention now and the book is closed (The Golden Compass, btw, for those wondering): No, he’s a singer. He sang that song, you know it went Yeah!

Me, looking incredulously and shaking my head: No. I have NO frickin’ clue what in the hell you’re talking about. And you got this guy? Quickly? Wait. Do y’all know this Zac Efron guy?

Mr. T: Yeah! He sings in that show High School Musical 2!

(Sidenote: I’m assuming there was a High School Musical 1?)

Bones: You remember that show Grease? It is an old fashioned High School Musical!

I’m mentally slapping my forehead now as I completely got his reference from last week… one that was absolutely lost on me before.

Ringo: I so hate that show.

Mr. T: I like it. You hate everything.

Ringo: You always say that. I do not. Mom, they sing about everything in that show. They sing when it’s a sad day. When it’s a sunny day. Oh see that truck, (in lilting girly sing song voice) they’d say, “ooooooooohhhhhh, loooook at that woooonderful truuuuuuck!”

Bones: Shar pei is in that show.

Me: A dog? There is a dog?

Kids in unison: NOooooo. It’s the name of the person in the show.

So now I know. Sharpay, Zac, singing about trucks, Usher isn’t a short story but a singer, and Grease is in fact the original High School Musical. I feel so… enlightened.

And all this information will get me where? No where. Good Grief.

Posted by Boudicca at August 24, 2007 08:30 PM | TrackBack

HAW HAW HAW! I bet your Mom didn't know the names of the stars in the movies you liked nor the lead singer in one of those favorite bands either..that is why it is know as a generation gap...

Posted by: GUYK at August 24, 2007 08:46 PM

Boy your tuff. You expect your kids to know Bill Clinton. He was president 7 years ago. I don't know the ages of your kids but I am guessing that he would have been about 4 or 5. Do you remember who was president when you were 4 or 5. I love to read the story about your sons. I only have one so I don't have these. My son did give me the definition of "gay" the other day. I about fell out of my chair. I said "who gave you that information"? He said "YOU!" I don't remember it at all but he said I told him on the way to school last year.

Posted by: Lukie at August 24, 2007 09:37 PM

Okay - too weird. Some of the ladies in my email circle who have younger girls were going on about HSM2 - since I was busy I didn't email back and say "what are you talking about???" heh. Then over the next day or so I started hearing little snippets about that and the Efron guy on the radio when I was in the car. *grin*

I've heard of Usher but only the name - couldn't tell you what he sings (although it's likely I've heard some of it) and I have no idea who Sharpay is. Oh I guess I should add, even though I now know the name Zack Efron - I have no clue what he looks like. I'd look him up, but I'm supremely disinterested. LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at August 24, 2007 11:47 PM

I have no clue... this is only going to get worse for me... isn't it??

Posted by: vw bug at August 25, 2007 06:10 AM

GuyK- I think in this case its a generational GULF!

Lukie- Eh, he is 10. You are right, he was only like 2 or 3 when he left office. That's funny. HOWEVER, in my defense, we speak of politics a lot and he knows who he is and he was the President when he was born. And I have to say when I was 10, I was well aware of who was President when I was born, but our country had just gone through Watergate, and we lived in DC at the time, so I had a heightened awareness of who was who... plus I saw Johnson lying in State.

Teresa- This must be coming out more now because the kids are in school and fall tv? I have no idea. And I have no clue what these folks look like... although I did look up Usher.

VW- Oh yes, you are like me, as well. It is only going to get worse. Forget Star Wars. Sheesh... suddenly all those mixed up names will be simple!

Posted by: Bou at August 25, 2007 07:28 AM

Aw, c'mon. We were expected to know who the Presidents were for at least the previous thirty years. And we walked uphill to school in the both directions...

Only reason I know who Zac Efron is, is I saw Hairspray.

But my kids were weird, anyway. They liked my music...

Posted by: Elisson at August 25, 2007 08:31 AM

I thought I knew how Usher was, but then I found out "Hot in Here" was by Nelly.

Boy the questions I could've asked had I had an inklin' I was a president from the past 10 years or so...

I'm just sayin? Want a cigar?

Posted by: RedNeck at August 25, 2007 08:55 AM

I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit I knew all those people and movies. I love the tweeny movies, makes for perfect sit and don't think about anything entertainment - and Disney always makes the best Tweeny movies. Oh and Teresa, Zac Efron looks like he is made of wax - seriously, I don't think he's real. Cute, but not real. Now, James Marsden? Yummy!

Oh, but I have an alterior motive for knowing all these things - One day I am going to get onto Jeopardy or some other knowledge based game show. I intend to win. It is all part of my bid at world domination! Mwahahahaha! Zac Efron wax-boy beware . . .

Oh and Bou? How about Hannah Montana? Do you know her? How about her alter ego?

Posted by: oddybobo at August 25, 2007 09:17 AM


heh (sorry, couldn't resist)

Try this - have your kids make a cd of their favorite songs, then play them in the non-asexual vehicle during the day. You'll learn a *lot*.

Let them update it whenever they want.

Posted by: _Jon at August 25, 2007 10:56 AM

I don't get it, your my age and you don't know what Grease was?

Posted by: Quality Weenie at August 25, 2007 12:47 PM

regarding High School Musical 1 & 2, RTY claims to HATE HATE HATE them. I have not seen either. But I know a little bit of some song from the first one... yes, I sing it to torture her! (not mean spirited -- we're jokesters) I'm going to download it off iTunes and put it onto her Shuffle. heh. I'm mean like that!

Posted by: wRitErsblock at August 25, 2007 03:49 PM

I understood and knew everyone you mentioned in that post. And I don't even have kids. Wow. I'm truly frightened now.

Posted by: Jerry at August 25, 2007 08:17 PM

It's ok, Bou. I only knew about Usher because of my daughter. I know nuthin about modern pop culture. Arthur says it's because I don't watch as much tv as "normal people". Normal is overrated, don't you think?

Posted by: Peggy U at August 25, 2007 10:41 PM