August 31, 2007

Cone of Confusion

There is some seriously bizarre stuff on the internet.

For instance: This.

What in the world? Why? Who needed to watch it? Is this a major product in society and Iíve missed it?

Did someone send my brother this link? Is this a new fad in LA?

TGOO said in an email back to all of us, ďIíve got a real one.Ē

Well, I donít, but Iíll pass on the paper one. Good Grief.

Posted by Boudicca at August 31, 2007 09:32 PM | TrackBack

Ok, I just don't get why you would need it... if the bathroom is so dirty you don't want to get near the toilet... Leave! ;-)

Posted by: vw bug at September 1, 2007 06:18 AM

I should take the toilet seats off my toilets here and hand these out to the women who visit. ;-) You know, just to be 'hip'. Heh. The only one I'd think this would be popular with would be little girls who want to pee in the snow...

Posted by: Bou at September 1, 2007 07:56 AM

I love it. I just have to get some. I have always wanted to go like a boy. When I was little I would straddle the tiolet and try to go that way. My mom would go crazy.

Posted by: Lukie at September 1, 2007 08:35 AM

I've honestly never really understood why women are so fascinated with the "peeing standing up" thing. It's not THAT cool.

Posted by: Shadoglare at September 1, 2007 08:37 AM


Posted by: wRitErsbLock at September 1, 2007 08:39 AM

I'd love to buy TGOO a beer.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at September 1, 2007 11:28 AM

I have actually used these before. My parents and I went to book a tour of Thailand. The travel agent handed us these and explained that there were places with no running water and toilets were just holes in the bathroom floor. My Mom wouldn't go, but my Dad and I went without her... those funnels came in quite handy for the ladies!

Posted by: Cristi at September 1, 2007 04:14 PM

Cristi- I knew it! I knew it was an Asian thing! I just got off the phone with VW and said, "Look at the last phrase on that video... it is Japanese!" Look at the grammar. "Hoping you are pleased with the Magic-cone". That sounded very Asian translation to me.

Good grief. I'd end up peeing all over myself. If I go to Thailand, I'll just hold it.

Posted by: Bou at September 1, 2007 04:27 PM

Holy Cow! I think I'll skip that tour as well.

Posted by: Richmond at September 1, 2007 05:36 PM

I found these because I have a new shredded beef recipe and I was looking for an original way to serve it. It is eaten with fondue skewers.

Posted by: Toluca Nole at September 1, 2007 06:07 PM

Well, it would mean no more waiting in the long women's lines at major events...

Posted by: Mrs. Who at September 1, 2007 09:58 PM

Yeah, but I'll bet you still can't write your name in the snow with one of those.

Posted by: Peggy U at September 1, 2007 11:02 PM

I would have dressed them in the violet and ebony of Miskatonic University.

Go 'Pods!

Posted by: Graumagus at September 2, 2007 01:59 PM

Ahh that comment was supposed to end up under the post about the kids dressing in college colors...

Although, it's kind of amusing (in a strange way) attatched to this entry as well...

Posted by: Graumagus at September 2, 2007 02:02 PM

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