September 14, 2007

Estrogen in a Sea of Testosterone

Ringo has two boys from school that he hangs with most. He has a lot of friends at school, but only two that he considers close friends. Their Moms had both done something for Ringo, had him over or had him go out with them, so I decided a couple weeks ago to have both boys spend the night.

The whole ‘two birds/one stone’ thing. The one boy’s Mom doesn’t cook. At all. So I made sure I made a homemade apple pie for after dinner. TGOO asked me if I was trying to be the better Mom through food. I said, “Hell yes.”

I may not have the newest gaming system here and we may not own a boat, but I can cook.

Anyway, we were all sitting around having dinner, Ringo and his two buddies, my other two sons, and my husband and I. I said to the boys, “So, what are your interests now that you’re in 7th grade. What do you think you’d want to do for a living if you were to decide right now?”

Ringo said, ‘I’m going to own a car dealership.’

How many kids come up with something like that, huh? Own a car dealership? I’m sorry, but I think that’s bizarre. But I’m not telling him that. If he wants to own a car dealership, then in my mind, he’ll own one. But talk about thinking out of the box. Holy crap.

His buddy Shane said, “I’m going to design cars…”

My knee jerk reaction is to scream, “Don’t go aerospace or automotive! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!” But instead I said, “Hey, that’s cool. You’ll need to go through engineering. Make sure you’re studying your math and sciences and art classes may be a good thing too!”

I got to the third buddy, Daniel, and he said, “I’m going to be a cop.”

Oh his Mom is going to stroke. Both his folks are engineers. His Mom is a mechanical engineer and his Dad is an electrical engineer. Both work for big fortune 50 companies. Engineering is a good stable SAFE job.

Note the caps on the word SAFE.

Engineers don’t typically get shot at, deal with drug runners, or come across murder scenes.

Nope. Nope.

And their son has decided he wants to be a cop. And that’s kind of a tough thing to swallow right now even more, as in Florida we’ve had what I think as a rash of law enforcement shootings and not as in the law enforcement officers shooting, but being shot at and dying. Its absolutely gut wrenching awful.

So I said, “Really? I didn’t know…” and he replied, “OH yeah, that or a Navy SEAL.”

I did a *Blink*.

I swear to you, I could feel the hum of testosterone emanating from around that table. It was me and my husband and five boys. And they want to own a car dealership, design cars, or be a cop or a Navy SEAL.

I might be really really wrong. I might be seriously off base, but I just suspect that if I had had five girls around that table, the life choice selections may have been a bit different. Just a little…

Posted by Boudicca at September 14, 2007 08:37 PM | TrackBack

My sweetheart and I raised three of those testosterone-drenched critters. Sometimes one has to wonder whether boys and girls are even the same species, but let's not dwell on that point (lest we deal with the inter-species mating that produced these beasties).

Posted by: Bob at September 14, 2007 09:42 PM

I'm a boy dog...they all lied...first and foremost they will move to the girl dogs, and only after they've experienced that...will they make a rational decision. Betcha 5 bucks,


Posted by: Sam at September 14, 2007 10:57 PM

Yeah, well ... I have five brothers, no sisters. 'Splains why my dad would often call me "Son" and not even bother to correct it. I'm fortunately the oldest of the bunch. I had wanted a sister, and having been thwarted by my parents, hoped I would get a couple of girls as compensation. After my daughter was born, along came the three boys. I knew where that was headed ... if we'd have kept going, it would have been all boys from then on out. But I wouldn't trade them for anything!

So, I've got three boys. The oldest one is a social butterfly (or moth, if that is more manly). On occasion (not even necessarily special occasions!) I have had as many as 12 extra boys at our house. Nerdy teenage boys travel in very large clumps and eat so much food it makes you hyperventilate to watch! It's something, really. Something scary. The biggest one is 6'5". Another one has size 15 shoes. That's where he stuffs the food!

The boys all graduated this year. A couple of Christopher's friends plan on being cops, one is heading to film school, another wants to teach art, one is joining the Guard, another is learning to weld so he can work in the shipyards. Christopher wants to design cars as well. Maybe boys everywhere have the same aspirations? We'll see whether they all end up staying the course or get sidetracked into other pursuits. It sure is hard to see them scatter. It will be so quiet without them. And I will get the last cookie.

Posted by: Peggy U at September 15, 2007 04:40 AM

Engineering isn't that safe of a job, especially if you work in a plant.

And I hate to burst bubbles, but very very few people actually get to design cars in the sense that you think, mostly designers design parts of cars (engines, doors, bumpers, etc).

Posted by: Quality Weenie at September 15, 2007 08:58 AM

Bob- They blow me away sometimes with the stuff they come up with. I heard myself mutter today, "I swear to God I live with a circus."

Sam- Oh you may be right. I am seeing already the GREAT influence of the girl dogs. I have a post on that in the hopper...

Peggy- I can't believe your folks thrwarted your plans for a sister! How dare they!! LOL! I am just beginning to see the clumps of boys. And I do think I will miss it...

QW- Comparing engineering to cops in the terms of safety is just... just not comparable. I don't care what plant site it is. Engineers don't run the risk of being shot at daily among one of the many scary attributes to the law enforcement job. Here in Florida, the bad guys just flat don't care anymore. No issues with taking out a cop for no reason. We've lost three or four in the last six weeks, one of them living just 15 minutes from me. Absolutely gut wrenching.

And I refuse to burst their bubbles. No one person designs airplanes either. If you design, you're probably designing some small part like a turbine airfoil. and a TEAM designs the aircraft, not just one person. I'm sure automotive is the same way.

Posted by: Bou at September 15, 2007 02:56 PM

not to worry..none of them wanted to be a lawyer, a politician, or a preacher..the world is a little bit safer

Posted by: GUYK at September 16, 2007 09:25 AM

Guy: My youngest has said he wants to start his own church. He's already designed the stained glass windows in his mind, as well as the layout of the building. I'm not kidding. Although when he found out how ministers got paid, he declared it to be unreliable. Of course, in his spare time, he's going to be a fighter pilot and maybe a sous chef and a physicist. How's that for an eclectic mix? And I forgot his glue factory and outside investments (because if the glue factory doesn't make enough, he can always use the profits to buy stock in more successful companies). That would be done simultaneously with his development of the first antimatter weapon of mass destruction, which he probably wouldn't use since he's decided he'll be a benevolent dictator. I would love to see someone administer a career interest test to this kid. It would be all over the map! Of course, at his age I was not quite so ambitious. I only wanted to be an astronaut AND a paleontologist.

Posted by: Peggy U at September 17, 2007 01:46 AM

I'd love to see your post, years down the road, that tells us what they really ended up doing.

Posted by: fancy Dirt at September 17, 2007 10:42 AM