November 24, 2007

Life Changes and Perspectives

We're back home from Thanksgiving, making our travels today as tomorrow will be a disaster on the roads.

Let me first tell anyone who does not know this, my own little public service announcement, if you do not have Skype and you live away from your family and you own a computer with internet access, as does your family... run down to the local store and buy a little computer camera, download Skype (bonus... its free) and get a camera for your family. It truly is a wonderful thing.

Bones was a bit weepy tonight, our having left my folks' home, so I called TGOO and had him log onto Skype, and I think it gave Bones a bit of peace of mind. Being able to see his grandparents and my sister and brother, made going to bed a bit easier. Plus, his uncle TN mooned him and so... Bones just felt like he'd never left!

Life was good.

So Skype. Think Christmas. Its a must for grandparents. It really is. It's a stable platform, the sound is good and you can get those video cameras for $30 at any store.

In other news... offense to any of you from Kansas or Missouri, but I seriously never thought I'd see a day where I was wrapped up in a Kansas Mizzou game. I truly mean nothing by that, but when I think FOOTBALL, I think: Army/Navy, Michigan, Ohio State, any TX team, Oklahoma, BC, Notre Dame, any SEC team, any Florida team (except FAU and USF), most ACC teams, and Nebraska.

I may have missed a couple...

Kansas and Mizzou just never would have made that list. Ever. I just don't think of either of those two teams when I think, 'Football Power House!'


And now look. I've had the game on since it started. Good grief. Go Mizzou!!

I can't believe LSU lost. Holy crap.

On the last note today, though, our trip home was extended an hour when there was a traffic fatality on I-10 East, in Gadsden County. It took an hour to get through. A pick up truck vs a Maxima I gathered, the pick up truck having flipped upside down and then landed on top of the guard rail.

I never saw the tags and figured they were locals...definitely not going to the FSU/Florida game. I could just tell.

I figured the person behind the wheel of the pick up lost control or something. Fell asleep? Who knew.

I looked it up on line. It was a couple from Michigan, minding their own business when the Maxima, driven by a 23 year old girl, fishtailed in front of them, causing them to lose control, flipping the pick up, and killing the 66 year old wife passenger and leaving the 70 year old husband in critical condition.

You know...


...I saw it and felt a sadness for someone that this holiday would never be the same.

But now? I know their names. And I know where they're from. I'm genuinely grieving for that family. They are in my prayers tonight. So so sad...

Posted by Boudicca at November 24, 2007 11:38 PM | TrackBack

Glad you made it back safe.

Posted by: vw bug at November 25, 2007 07:08 AM

Welcome back! :)

I've been known to look up accidents online and pray for the victims. In the small town I grew up in the method for dispersing information like that was word of mouth... the internet has just taken that further.

Posted by: Pam at November 25, 2007 07:30 AM

glad you made it home safely

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at November 25, 2007 09:13 AM

It's always horrible knowing the location and identities of people who die tragically, since, once they become real to you, real grieving, as you stated, takes shape. It can be a good thing, that they should never be forgotten, and that's wonderful and compassionate, or it could be heavy, and weigh you down, infringing on your ability to really enjoy yourself if you begin to mourn so many. Jews are eminent for this, and if you've ever been at a Jewish wedding, the officiating rabbi may have explained that the reason the groom steps on the wine glass is because, on such a joyful day, the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem should never be far from their minds [you can draw an immediate parallel between having such a great time with your family, but seeing the accident reminds you that a place setting at someone's table will be empty this year]. It's good to be compassionate, but it could be soooo heavy. Definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you can wing it, the world needs as many peeps like you as it could get. Especially for the hearts that will be inevitably broken during the holiday season.

Posted by: Erica at November 25, 2007 10:25 AM

Ok, it screws with my head when you but funny and sad stuff in the same post!

Glad you made it home safe.

Oh, and go Mizzou! Wish they would have been that good when I was there 8 years ago.

Posted by: Sissy at November 25, 2007 10:58 AM

Why haven't you ever thought of Mizzou and Kansas??? Because they've only played the most mediocre of football up until this year. My post on the game links to an article that reminds us - you have to go back to 1960 to find a really good Missouri team. Sheesh. I'm glad you enjoyed it - we did too - especially the end. *grin*

I've gotten caught in a 3 hour highway shutdown for a fatality. As I sat and waited and chatted with the other people who got out of their cars to wait and watch, we all were agreed that waiting just a bit was a minor price to pay when someone had died. *sigh* I never did find out who it was and what happened, just that it was a trucker. It's very sad and can happen at any time - once again reminding us that it's a good thing to not take your life for granted.

Posted by: Teresa at November 25, 2007 09:27 PM

Very terrific situation thank god you returned home safely, really very sad....

Posted by: annie at November 29, 2007 05:44 AM