December 18, 2007

Paper or Plastic, Real or Fake... Choices, choices

Pam had asked me in my comments what I thought of the real tree. If you recall, we bought a real tree so Bones could see what it was like. He didn’t remember when we used to get a real tree.

And the verdict from the family is… we are a fake tree family. I know. That sounds awful and… plastic. We are the plastic people.

I am ashamed.

First what I like about the real trees… I like the smell and how they look. They are just beautiful.

And that’s where it stops.

I can deal with the shedding. It’s shedding like a sheep dog in a South Florida summer. I’m cool with that. I can deal with having to water it. It’s just become one of my routines. My morning and evening routine has become, “Feed the kids, water the tree.” I’m cool.

BUT, I can’t handle how difficult it is to keep ornaments on it. Fake trees… I know the branches aren’t going to get all rubbery, flinging an ornament to my tile floor. Needless to say, the glass ornaments aren’t on the tree unless *I* put them on. Fake trees are rigid. I like that. The whole limp branch thing is just… not for me.

Also, fake trees don’t do saggage. We have a spot on the tree, that.... holy crap, dropped two feet when we put ornaments on it. So one side of the tree is hanging so close to the ground now that the ornaments are literally lying on the ground, probably holding the branch propped up. Meanwhile, the other side the tree stayed firm. So its very… well… it looks lopsided. It’s just funky. And I can’t spin it because its 10 feet tall and once you get that sucker in a stand, you dare not move it a week later… WITH all the ornaments on. NO.

So. We’re a fake tree family. It was fun. We did it. It was important to me as I think this is the last Christmas I’ll have a child believing in Santa. I want this all to be just right… the magic of Christmas still being what it is in the eyes of a child…

Next year we cart the raggedy old fake tree out of the attic, the kids will have a great time carrying on as they put it together, I’ll vacuum up all the plastic tree crap that is falling from its branches as its getting old… and my ornaments will stay put.

Oh and my reader, S, asked if we had an assortment of balls, in my post on Weapons of Plastic Destruction and we DO NOT have a Zball… but I suspect, if I can find one, each boy may have one in their stockings. Heh. We’ll see…

Posted by Boudicca at December 18, 2007 10:06 PM | TrackBack

I loooove my fake (pre-lit) tree! When I was a kid, we found out that my Brother was highly allergic to evergreen trees - we had been poisoning him every Christmas - forever!!! Oops! Artificial trees reigned from then on...

We are a fake tree family as well... It's all good. You can sit by me. :)

Posted by: Richmond at December 18, 2007 10:36 PM

Artificial all the way! Pre-lit is even better.

If they had a tree that was pre-decorated with my ornaments, I would be on cloud nine!

Posted by: Sissy at December 18, 2007 10:52 PM

Oh Sissy, but they do have those- I saw it in the SkyMall mag last time I was flying. I was laughing when I saw it wondering who would buy I know.

Posted by: Morrigan at December 19, 2007 08:35 AM

Fake tree all the way.

I believe cutting down a living tree so you can put it in your house for a couple weeks and then throw it away is a huge waste.

That is my environmental cause, using fake trees saves live trees.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at December 19, 2007 08:41 AM

QW: Christmas trees are an industry and are grown expressly for that purpose... really! :)

We had a fake tree for years while I was growing up... you can imagine how nasty that thing was, since I'm so old... LOL! Maybe that raggedy thing soured me on fake trees.
I so hear you about saggage and rubbery tips... and the price is ridiculous... but... ;)

Posted by: pam at December 19, 2007 08:47 AM

I'm with you on the fake tree. I can have mine up and decorated in half an hour. was originally a pre-lit tree. Last year, I cut off all the lights because 7 of the 9 strands did not work. Never again.

Posted by: Raging Mom at December 19, 2007 11:29 AM

I like real trees. I love the smell, the look, everything.
Of course, I don't have a tree this year. I was due to go get one when we lost power....and now it is 6 days before Christmas so what's the point?

I think I will hang lights from the ceiling in a triangle shape and be done with it!

Posted by: Rave at December 19, 2007 11:39 AM

Rave, when I was very young the corner of our tiny living room was bare on Christmas Eve, except for my wee chair that held Santa's snack. On Christmas morning I'd enter the room and have the most magical experience. A large sized, fresh cut Christmas tree, fully decorated and glowing stood in the corner. It took my breath away. It was so powerful that it was minutes before even noticing gifts. Only Santa could accomplish such magic. There's magic when you least expect it sometimes. (Glad you have power!)

Posted by: m~ at December 19, 2007 01:10 PM

Growing up we couldn't have real trees as Mama is terribly allergic.

When I got married I couldn't depend on him to help with a real one.

Now, it's just so much easier doing the artificial. Plus....the one I have is so beautiful and so easy to put up it just wouldn't make sense to switch.....

Guess that makes me a "fakey"...

Posted by: Tammi at December 19, 2007 02:19 PM

Real Tree all the way. I had a fake tree one year and hated it.

You're all fakers (some with bionic boobs). :)

Posted by: Ogre at December 19, 2007 03:10 PM

Pam - ya I know that. We have tons of Christmas tree farms in Michigan.

Heck a couple years ago the White House tree came from Michigan.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at December 19, 2007 03:25 PM

First I think you might need to get lighter ornaments. Wow!!

Second I think I saw the ugliest tree the other day. We were buying our real tree and they have a barn that you can go in and look at ornaments and things. I walked in and saw this bright yellow tree. Yes the tree itself was yellow with yellow lights and then they had it decorated with John Deere ornaments. I laughed so hard. In the process I turned around so that not everyone would see me laughing and that's when I saw IT! It was a bright purple tree (just like the yellow) with purple lights (both trees were prelit)they had decorated the entire tree with all those RED HATS. You know the ones that are some club (a senior club i think). I was so bad I cannot imagine anyone spending money on it. They were not cheap either.

Posted by: Lukie at December 19, 2007 06:47 PM

I love the smells and memories of a real tree but I am also a fake (pre-lit) tree guy myself. I like to be able to stick the darn thing in a box down in the basement for next year.

One cool thing about real trees is dragging one from the pile in the back of the yard in June and setting it aflame. A very nice fireworks show indeed.

Posted by: Richard at December 20, 2007 05:06 AM

I still have a silver tree from the late 60's/70's. It has the original color wheel that just spins like a top. It's in Little's room this year. So, yeah, we're not only fake, we're metallic!

Posted by: Sugar Britches at December 20, 2007 03:37 PM