January 12, 2008

Numbers Running Through My Head

I don’t blog politics because I keep them pretty close, which is why I’ve not posted who I’m voting against.

But these primaries have me fascinated. They really do. And I think it’s the mathematician in me.

I have every primary for the month of January written on my calendar. I’ve been reading about all the folks running, on both sides, and how they may or may not fair in each state.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the potential of who is going to drop next, who they’ll support, what each state views as their issue, and how they show it in the polls.

This is a thought stream, “Hunh, Romney considers himself a Michigan boy. He’s not taken first in a horse race yet, although there were only two. If he loses Michigan, will he drop out? If he drops out, who will he support?”

Or, “South Carolina is pretty daggum important to Edwards. If he loses SC as well, he’s toast. He’ll have to drop… and who would he support?”

Or, “If Huckabee loses Michigan and SC, he’ll have to drop. Who would he support? I don’t see him supporting Giuliani… and does that Mormon thing bug him? Really?”

And on and on and on… I have a mental matrix going on as to who might drop after various primaries and frontrunners truly start to shake out, and who they might back.

I go back and forth.

To me, I hate to say it, but it’s a bit of a game… crystal balling it… playing with the combinations of things that could happen.

I find it absolutely fascinating…

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