February 19, 2008

Techno Crap

The problem with blogging at night is sometimes my kids have worn me down so much, I’m pretty much too damn tired and nothing seems funny anymore.

Tonight would be one of those nights.

So a bit of stream of consciousness about nothing and everything or just a couple of things.

As I posted earlier, I bought my husband an iPhone for his birthday. I never know what to get him and had actually thought of going the easy way and getting him a gift certificate somewhere, but finally I said, “Is there something, anything, that you WANT but will not buy yourself?”

His answer was, “Well, yeah, I’d like to have an iPhone, but I can’t bring myself to do it.”

So I did it for him.

But when I asked him what it was that he liked about it, other than his being the y chromosome techno geek, he said he liked how big everything looked on the screen.


My big peeve with cell phones is the numbers are so small. All of you under 40 don’t have this problem yet, and actually I don’t yet either, but my husband does. It’s the problem where your arms aren’t long enough for your eyes to be able to read.

The visual genetic trigger that happens to most around age 40, give or take, where farsightedness robs even those who had been blessed with Eagle eye vision.

Cell phones are a bitch to read when you have this post 40 visual degradation. I have wondered why the cell phone companies don’t care. The screens aren’t all that bright, the writing is small… what a pain in the neck for us that are not as… youthful.

But Apple may be on to something. It has the techno appeal for the youth and it has a bright screen and bigger lettering for those of us in the ‘non-youth’. When I walked into the ATT store to look at it, I noticed quite a few elderly people in there looking at the iPhone or getting something repaired for their iPhone. The store wasn’t full of young techno-junkies.

You can even get your phone to pop up a picture of someone instead of their number when they call. Not bad…

I may be wrong… but iPhone seems to be targeting a niche. It’s not a bad niche to target. It could prove to be very profitable…

Staying on tech, but away from phones… lets talk about my blog.

I know that commenting sucks wet socks here. I am frustrated as well. If you think you’re frustrated, you can just imagine those of us on munu. It is 100 fold.

So many are wondering why I haven’t just moved… but it is not so easy.

First, Pixie was very good to me, providing me a home when I was ready to move off of blogger. It cost me nothing. Actually, my blog father Harvey who got me to blog, also chided me to move to munu and set up a real home that was ME. Pixie set it up and off I went. It wasn’t actually quite THAT smooth, but I had Pam help me… she designed this entire site.

This has become my home.

Whereas blogger is where I started to write… Munu is where I finally felt like I was me… my tartan plaid, the sword, the knotwork, all of it. It is very very… me. I can’t leave my home… this is where I am me now. I am attached to the window dressing if you will… non-fashionista ME is attached to the dressing. It is true.

So there is this thought of going to Minx, where Teresa is, but the templates don’t lend the freedom for me to keep my blog look as is… which is a requirement for me. So Minx is now out.

I’m doing some research and I will more than likely move. Whereas blogger provided me my first place to write, Munu provided me my first home… and of that I am extraordinarily appreciative. Pixie has been nothing but kind and generous with his time.

But it may be time for me to leave. My biggest issue is… I just flat don’t have the time folks. I don’t know if it seems it on my blog, but I’m incredibly crazy busy. My life is a combination of sheer insanity and chaos hanging by a thread. The thought of adding trying to move my blog to my life is more than I can take.

So… thank you for your patience. I am going to do something. But until then, according to Joan of Argghh! who wrote in Jimbo’s comments ,

“When you get the bugger or spam message, just RIGHT-CLICK in the comment box. You’ll be given the option of “back”. Go back, your comment is there! Copy your comment in case you get another error or total loss, and re-submit.”

I’m officially spent. Long day. Trying day. My kids won this round.

I need to start keeping a log during the day of what I want to post, so when night comes and I get like this, I can remember. As of now, I’d not remember what I had for breakfast if I didn’t eat the same damn thing every day…

Posted by Boudicca at February 19, 2008 10:41 PM | TrackBack

I managed to fend off the eye thing for ten years. Sadly it caught up with me this year. Temp solution is drugstore glasses 1.00 for those things closer than an arm length. You would have laugh at me tonight trying to figure which button was * and which was # so I could replay the school's automated phone message. ....sigh

Posted by: cin at February 19, 2008 11:25 PM

That's amazing about the iPhone; I bet you're one of the few who have snapped to the fact that older people are the 'real' niche! I like my cell because it works, but yes... everything is teensy... like they were designed for gnomes.

Know what would work? I would do it if I knew how, but if you could get someone to upgrade you to the newest MT [MT4] -it's a FREE download- and would solve your spam problem. Your archives would probably be intact though I don't know about the template...

Your version of MT is 2.64, which is very old, and MT4 utilizes a utility to cut down on spam.

Wonder why Pixy never updated everyone?

Posted by: pam at February 20, 2008 08:09 AM

Also, if you go into the post (click permalink or the time stamp) you can usually get your comment through that way instead of clicking on the comments link.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at February 20, 2008 08:58 AM

I know what you mean about the reading thing.....I have to wear glasses to read pill bottles now. It sucks. Hubby makes fun of me...but then again, he can't hear me when I make fun of him!

As for the crazy busy- You have no idea.
Lately- my posts have come only once a week. I think I lost my two readers.

Things slow down...but as long as you are busy- posting can slow too....I have come to determine it is the natural cycle of blogging.

Posted by: Rave at February 20, 2008 10:28 AM

MuNu never upgraded past 2.64 because MT changed their licensing agreement. The new version doesn't allow a MuNu type environment without costing an arm and a leg.

Pixy's response was to write Minx.

Posted by: Ted at February 20, 2008 04:10 PM