June 09, 2008

Family Updates

Today my folks celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary! Don't let TGOO fool you. I am 43 this year and he will tell you they've been married for 42 years.



Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary to Hubba and TGOO! And look what those 46 years have produced... Heh.

As for Bones, its day three and no yellow junk coming from his eye. He must be fine.

And today was their first day of Golf Camp. Mr. T had what I call Sad Sack attitude and was giving us crap about going. He had a GREAT time.

Bones... good Grief. He's the one who wanted to go the most.

I rounded the corner to pick them up, the three of them standing there waiting. Bones gave me a wave so I'd not miss them, something I could not have done... three sweaty boys with golf bags. Hard to miss.

I pulled over and he grinned and gave me a two thumbs up.

I popped the back hatch and he strolled over, ever so cool, and said, "Mom. I went to camp this morning and didn't know anything. I couldn't play golf. And now?! Now... I'm GREAT! You should see me!"

I couldn't quit laughing. He is such an optimist. His zest for life... his joy... may it stay with him always.

Ringo slid in the front seat grinning and shaking his head. He looked at me and whispered, "Yeah, he's a real pro now... ready for the circuit."

In Bone's Mind... he is. The life of Bones. Some days its GREAT to be Bones.

Posted by Boudicca at June 9, 2008 09:48 PM | TrackBack

Anyone would be great playing against me... maybe I'll see if bones wants to go out with me some day. ;-)

Posted by: vw bug at June 10, 2008 06:00 AM

Awww.... Happy belated anniversary to your lucky parents!

Posted by: pam at June 10, 2008 09:51 AM

Happy Anniversary to your folks. 46 years...what an accomplishment!

Posted by: Mrs. Who at June 10, 2008 09:55 AM

Happy Anniversary to your folks!! Wonderful!!

Posted by: Richmond at June 10, 2008 12:06 PM

Oooh!!! Closing in on 50! Congratulations!

Posted by: PeggyU at June 10, 2008 12:58 PM

Woo Hoo! 46 years is awesome, congrats to them. We just celebrated our 25th - it's not small achievement these days.

Posted by: Kris, in New England at June 10, 2008 01:44 PM

Man, Bou...your folks must be old.

Posted by: Toluca Nole at June 10, 2008 04:44 PM

... congrats to Hubba and TGOO!....

Posted by: Eric at June 11, 2008 05:44 AM

I sometimes envy peeps like Bones.

And Happy Anniversary to Hubba and TGOO!!!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at June 13, 2008 06:19 AM