June 19, 2008

Positives With a Leg to Stand On

You’d think the big talk in our house the other day would be about Tiger Woods.

Not so.

My boys are more interested in learning about his… caddy. All the questions today have been about ‘who caddy’s for Tiger’. They wanted to know about the man behind the man.

Yes, they’ve been informed, but I did find it interesting. As of now, I think they’d be just as happy to meet Steve Williams as Tiger Woods.

We don’t watch golf here, in general, but I do read the Sports page as much as I can when it comes to Mr. Woods. I can’t watch golf. I don’t watch TV in general, so I can’t do golf… to me its like watching paint dry. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what they’re doing, but… I just can’t watch it on the tube. I think live would be considerably different.

I’m not big on athletes being held up as heroes to our youth. Heroes are people who have done something good in our society… to be looked up to. How fast someone runs, how many points they can score on a field… that a hero does not make.

But although I do not consider Mr. Woods a hero, he is someone I’d not mind my boys emulating. He works damn hard, he is polite, he keeps fit, and he loves his family… from when it was just his Mom and Dad… to now the new family he has helped to create.

He doesn’t get all political, or hasn’t yet, and I hope he doesn’t. He is the consummate gentleman in a sport that still demands it, and I sense that he’d be a gentleman anyway because… that’s what he is, whereas all other American sports have gone to trash talking and thugs with athletic talent getting paid too much.

He stands out.

I like that.

And I find it amusing he beat everyone pretty much with one leg. As I read in one article, the other golfers were born with the unfortunate distinction of… being human. That made me grin too.

Now let us just hope he heals. The world needs positive role models and I consider him one.

Posted by Boudicca at June 19, 2008 09:24 PM | TrackBack

It seems to me that you are fortunate to have boys that are more interested in what someone knows than in what someone does. Tiger makes a brilliant shot after his caddy talks him into a better selection of club, and THAT truly captures the imagination: why isn't the caddy in the game? And it underscores the whole "golf is in the brain" theory. Lots for young minds to think about, and you've obviously trained them to look for things like that.

Posted by: Joan of Argghh! at June 20, 2008 06:18 AM

I have to beg to differ on the sports people are not hero's, some are.

But not for what they do on the field but what they do off the field.

Quite a few have huge charities that they have started. They donate millions of their own money each year and their time.

And those that take being a role model seriously, like Tiger Woods does.

Now they might not be a hero in the courageous actions way, but a small hero none the less.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at June 20, 2008 07:31 AM

Tiger Woods really emulates what a role model should be. He's not spoiled or demanding; he seems modest and very well mannered. His parents raised him right and more people should follow thier (and his) lead.

Great post.

PS- I was just going through my blogroll today and wanted to tell you that you are the blog that I have been reading (consistently)the longest. There should be a prize for that...

Posted by: Jody at June 20, 2008 08:56 AM

Joan- They are really into Steve Williams right now. It was kind of funny as I hadn't anticipated that. Let's hope they always look at the big picture, but in all honesty, I think someone told them that people make a good living being a caddy. Then they wanted to know who Tiger had.

QW- I never said they couldn't be. I just said I was not real big on it. And if you look closer I said that running and scoring points doesn't make a hero. If they are doing charitable work, then they are doing far more than running and scoring points, yes?

Jody- I'm just the last one standing! Heh! Maybe its a mental illness for me, some sort of psychosis. I think its wild when I read you and realize we knew you when you didn't have kids! And now... there are TWO!

Posted by: Bou at June 20, 2008 03:22 PM

CLASS! The man has class.

Golf is not a difficult game to learn but an extremely difficult game to get good at and even harder to get to the level of the pros. It takes not only the knowledge of the game but hours..hell, years..of practice but most of all the mental discipline to do the right thing every time.

I have always contended that 90 percent of pro-sports is mental..one has to be head and shoulders above the rest just to get to the pro level. It is the ones who have the mental toughness not to make the mistakes that wind up as the super stars..and Tiger Woods is a super star.

Posted by: GUYK at June 22, 2008 01:28 PM