June 29, 2008

Motivational Journal Entries

The two older boys have summer homework. They are to keep a journal for school, for two weeks, two pages of writing per day and a 3rd page left for pictures and memory scraps.

The boys are pissed.

This assignment has been met with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, a declaration that this is their summer, dammit, and how dare anyone smacking of school infringe upon it.

It is what it is.

I chose the Southern Tour as the best writing potential, keeping busy as we do. They started writing yesterday. They hated every minute of it and putting every single word on paper was a great Herculean effort.

Or so one would think from the sounds emanating from the kitchen where the writing was being done.

Yesterday was pretty busy and I KNEW they had much to write about, so this evening I had them sit down and write about yesterday. They’d put it off as long as I’d allow.

Upon opening Ringo’s composition book, I found that TGOO had written his own page on their first day here. I grinned and laughed as I read it and then each boy read it. It completely changed their perspective on writing. No longer was it the torturous drudgery of the previous day, but had somehow become a competition of sorts as to who could remember the funniest things of the day.

As I left them to their writing, going for a short walk around the neighborhood with TGOO, I heard the two of them laughing hysterically as they thought of things to write. Today’s writing was infinitely better than yesterday’s. Today’s was light hearted and funny. Yesterday’s smacked of ‘My Mother Made Me Do This’.

And so I give you TGOO’s letter for the boys; his recap on their first day here. Background information… The Gump was a series of stories he made up when my siblings and I were young. Also, Bones has been sick with some sort of coughing virus for a week.

27 June The boys arrived for our annual July gathering of the Clan yesterday afternoon. I was working on the ceilidh program when from the corner of my eye I saw movement in the hallway. At first I thought we were being invaded by aliens, but as it turned out, it was Ringo, schlumping down the hall like the Gump searching for mushrooms. He was followed closely by his two brothers, Mr. T, who crept in like a ghost, and Bones, who hacked his way into the house with a deep, chest-quivering cough that I thought would bring up a lung. It was good to see these lads, all of whom are growing like a kennel of young dogs, hands and feet out growing their lithe bodies, and heads covered with a thick pelt of long hair.

We dined at a pizza café for dinner, resembling feeding three hungry alligators- just throw the raw meat at them and avoid their teeth. In this case it was merely pizza and pasta, but it was a pleasure to watch them hiding the groceries. Mr. T, being lactose intolerant, ordered a cheese pizza. As he was seated to my left, I kept leaning to the right to avoid any reprecussions, as he digested the cheese.

Big Daddy

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I love writing what Big writes. Now that he's discovered he loves it and is good at it to boot, he shares quite a bit with me.

Posted by: Sugar Britches at June 30, 2008 06:33 AM

TGOO rocks! Not that you didn't know that already.... :)

Posted by: Richmond at July 2, 2008 03:45 PM