September 12, 2008

Rattling in my Head

Random Thoughts…

*If I were in the US Coast Guard, and there was some pinhead that decided to wait out the storm, and then at the last minute changed their mind and got called to be rescued (I saw this on a news site), I’d be very nasty to them. People who suffer low IQ typically receive a lot of patience from me. It’s not their fault. People who are chronically stupid and require my assistance that could put me in peril, or who were repeatedly warned and ignored it… actually deserve to die and I’d not be very nice.

I might even be tempted to never call them by their names, even if given them. I might be tempted to say, “OK, pinheads, oh I mean Susan and Bill, listen up.”

Or I’d have very loud conversations with my co-workers about idiots requiring my assistance… that the idiots could hear.

Obviously I made a good career choice…

*When watching this SNL skit of Obama vs. Hillary, it becomes readily apparent that…

… Sarah Palin doesn’t have a frickin’ prayer. It is difficult to watch her fight the good fight. I’m sick of the sexism. It depresses me, but perhaps, it is my baggage as well as I’m contending with some sexism issues at work that make me want to quit.

But I won’t. I’ll keep fighting…

(You don't have to watch the entire skit to get the point. Hat tip to my Mom.)

*You will not lose weight while training for a marathon, if you eat a slice of ice cream cake every night before bed.

*I have worked out my entire adult life, and never have I been as achy as I have since I started training for this marathon and I don’t remember sleeping this well in… forever. I wonder if part of it is the fact when I normally worked out, it was in the gym or a dojo. Training for a marathon is all outside, which adds different elements, such as… frickin’ blazing heat and humidity.

As much as I’m not a morning person, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning’s 6AM training.

*I think Galveston is about to get wiped off the map. It makes me sad…

And I remain in awe of Hurricane Ike. I cannot get past the pictures I’ve seen of its magnitude. I am… left speechless with Mother Nature… and truly the beauty and the vicious uncompromising danger she can create at once.

*I just heard 40% of those folks on Galveston Island have chosen to stay. I think I'm... Stunned? Appalled? Shaking my head? I'm not sure. Speechless...

Posted by Boudicca at September 12, 2008 07:59 PM | TrackBack

Hubba and I went to Pensacola Beach this afternoon to look at the Gulf. It was truly a spectacular sight, with huge waves cresting as far out as the eye could see. No one can understand the power and the beauty of nature unless they've experienced it close up. Here in the Panhandle we experienced the power four years ago when Ivan rampaged through our community. Today we're experiencing the beauty, while the Texans are bracing for a catastrophe that they can't imagine in their wildest dreams. They're about to get some chlorine in their gene pool. Many of the laggards and pinheads will likely not survive. Keep them in your thoughts when you turn in tonight.

Posted by: Angus of Dundee at September 12, 2008 09:19 PM

I didn't get to go to Pegleg's; that's what I'll be thinking about.

Posted by: Toluca Nole at September 12, 2008 09:24 PM

Seriously ... this is worse than living in tornado country, I've become convinced!!!

Posted by: PeggyU at September 13, 2008 12:41 AM

4 Million people without power right now. One of the power companies said 2-3 weeks for restoring.

No word yet on the frickin' yahoos who decided to ride it out. I guess we'll know more as it passes.

Posted by: Bou at September 13, 2008 04:16 AM

Bou - I heard last night that it was only 40% of the people who left the area, the rest stayed put.


Posted by: Kris, in New England at September 13, 2008 10:18 AM

I heard that Tina Fey is gonna portray Palin tonight on SNL.

Posted by: Denny at September 13, 2008 01:22 PM

I envy you, Bou. While you're sleeping like a rock, I'm suffering insomnia... and getting up and doing the same running you're doing, at the same ungodly hour.

I am so farookin tired. I can't even express it.

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at September 13, 2008 07:02 PM

It looks like Ike will be up here tomorrow night if it keeps moving like it has.

We got plenty of rain today from the band following the cold front.

My brother looks dry in TAL and my cousins headed to AUS to hunt and such, and so are out of the worst of it. Hope it dries out for the wedding there in three weeks.

Posted by: The Thomas at September 13, 2008 07:42 PM