September 16, 2008

Jousting for Jesus

Bones won’t be an Altar Server. He’s too small.

Oh he wanted it. He wanted it badly.

But, he went through the two hour class and realized that its too much responsibility, the big stick with the cross is too heavy, the Bible is too heavy, and he can’t do the incense.

He really is disappointed as he wanted front row seats at all the Baptisms.

He told his Dad, “I can carry the big stick with the cross, if I carry it like this…” and he proceeded to tuck it under his arm as if he were jousting.

Can you imagine? That’s just BEGGING for someone to get speared. Holy crap.

So Altar Serving is not on the radar until he gets a bit bigger.

Posted by Boudicca at September 16, 2008 07:38 PM | TrackBack

Not only should they *let* him carry it like that, they should also light it on fire!

Heh heh heh...

Posted by: Roses at September 16, 2008 08:25 PM

Roses- YES!!! LOL!

Posted by: Bou at September 16, 2008 08:31 PM

How about if he carries it on his shoulder like a rifle? That should work.

Posted by: Angus of Dunedan at September 16, 2008 09:22 PM

Get that boy some weights. Time to pump some iron for JC!

Posted by: Jerry at September 17, 2008 12:36 AM

Not sure which made me laugh more... your dad or Jerry...

Posted by: vw bug at September 17, 2008 04:52 AM

Sometimes I have nothing to add short of a giant "LOL," usually after reading a comment by Jerry.

"Time to pump some iron for JC!" Dat's freakin' hysterical.

Posted by: Erica at September 17, 2008 10:44 AM

Is that sigh coming from you one of disappointment or relief?

Posted by: diamond dave at September 17, 2008 11:27 AM