September 22, 2008

Running to IHOP

First a bit of a side note… I love my Team in Training Coach. Let me tell you… TNT has got it going on.

I have been emailing her with my issues and she has been such a positive force. I called her today and she suffers from Achilles Tendonitis. I have improved so much, I am following directions, my doctor said that today I could do some light walking and maybe a bit of running today, but I’m feeling gun shy.

My coach said to me, I love her for this, “Bou, you are not one we worry about. You are a strong runner and a strong walker, and we have no qualms about your timing or your endurance. YOU can take a week or a week and a half off and its not going to mess you up. Take the time. Take a couple more days. Don’t bike… just rest. It will make the difference.”

My podiatrist is not a marathon runner. I know he knows his stuff, but he’s not a runner at all. My coach… she knows my athletic ability, she knows my drive, and she knows what its like to do a marathon as she’s done three, and it was just a HUGE peace of mind hearing her say, “Take the time off. Rest…”

And so I am.

OK. Now to this weekend.

I started thinking about all the bloggers with whom I have eaten at IHOP.

Is that odd or what?

I have eaten breakfast at IHOP with Tammi (twice), T1G, Oddy, Elisson, Eric, VW, and now, Writersblock and Sherlock.

It seems some sort of blogger thing for me to do… out of town with a blogger? Eat at IHOP.

And I know I’m not a big person, but trust me, I can put away the food. When it comes to breakfast, I can eat what the big people eat. I may not eat again until the next day (not joking)… but I can eat with the big people, calorie for calorie.

This is the third time I’ve met Writersblock and I’m just so comfortable with her. There is something about her that makes me laugh. I can feel it bubbling inside me when I’m with her. She’s extraordinarily sweet, humble, and just… funny.

I mean, she has a hedge hog and she named her Pinelope. I’m sorry, but I’d never have thought of that and I think it’s a riot. (Get it… PINelope? Heh.)

She picked me up at the hotel at 5:50 (Gah!) and off we went. She asked me where I’d want to eat breakfast, and now I wish I remembered what she said, but it was something like… her waiting for me to answer and then my hearing a *cough* IHOP *cough*.

I know my reply was, “You know… I think we should go to IHOP.” Heh.

And so we trained, or rather she trained, and I walked Verrrry slowwwwly, doing a 20 minute mile (not joking), and then sat with my feet up until her team was finished. We made our way to IHOP where her husband Sherlock met up with us. (Pictures at his link are of their time with Palin at The Villages.)

I told her I could put away the food. It is a comment I hear often when I go to breakfast with people, “Whoa, she can eat a lot…”

What I forgot to tell her is how fast I can eat.

Is this a Mom thing? Eat quickly before someone needs you… you get to eat hot food then?

I can nearly inhale my food. Wait. I’ve done that.

I have heard over and over that it’s not healthy, but I’m just a very fast eater.

After having downed two scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, eaten some bacon and polishing off two big chocolate chip pancakes, while making sure to scrape my plate for any residual chocolate, and drinking two glasses of water, I was content.

I looked up, and Writersblock looked at my plate, laughed, and said, “You just inhaled your food…”

I realized… holy crap, it’s OK to actually SLOW DOWN and eat. You’d think I was afraid that someone was going to steal my meal! In actuality, I think I am waiting for a baby to cry in the middle of it, leaving me with cold food.

Oh they are having a crepe special… she said they were very very good!

Posted by Boudicca at September 22, 2008 07:56 PM | TrackBack

There's an IHOP within five miles of Richmond and me. Just sayin'...

Posted by: Roses at September 22, 2008 08:21 PM

Can I tell you? I love IHOP. But next time we eat there, I will make sure I forgo whipped creme . . . just for you.

Posted by: oddybobo at September 22, 2008 08:41 PM

Roses- If I get up there... we're there!

Oddy- Oh yeah. Blech. My order ended with, "I'll have two chocolate chip pancakes... NO whipped topping." She looked at me strange and said, "Ok, I hope they get that right."

I was tempted to say, "They better... I don't do white gushy stuff..." but I refrained. Heh.

Posted by: Bou at September 22, 2008 08:46 PM

Hey, how far from Miami are you? I'm coming to Miami in mid-November; maybe we could hit an IHOP together there? :)

Posted by: GradualDazzle at September 22, 2008 08:54 PM

if i ever open a'll be a smokehouse/bbq joint...i wanna call it...IHOG.

Posted by: The Friendly Neighborhood Piper at September 23, 2008 12:11 AM

You do inhale your food. But you should see me at breakfast and dinner at home with the kids... I do as well.

IHOG... hahahaha International House of Gross stuff? International House of Guts? Oh... this could keep on going...

Posted by: vw bug at September 23, 2008 05:08 AM

I don't know about Dazz and IHOP, but she can handle a Crapper Barrel just fine.

Posted by: Elisson at September 23, 2008 05:12 AM

LOL Bou!

In my family, I'm generally the food inhaler. I've been making a concerted effort to slow down. Mostly because I'll eat less that way. But, on Saturday, you had me talking the entire meal, so I had hardly begun eating when you and sherlock were done.

Ooh that strawberry crepe, though. I need to go back and have another.

Glad to hear you're seeing improvement in your ankle. I've been worried about you.

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at September 23, 2008 07:01 AM

Heh - what Roses said is true! It's even closer than that for me - and my treat! Didn't you say you wanted to take the boys to see snow?? We have that here, you know... ;)

Posted by: Richmond at September 23, 2008 08:50 AM