December 20, 2008

Hillary Would Hate Me

This is definitely not the post of Christmas levity. Quite the opposite actually.

I wasnít going to post it, although Iíve been laughing to myself about it, but when I read Ericís post on his Bah Humbug thoughts on Christmas this year, it just lent itself as a lead in to my thoughts.

Iím not there. Iím not in the whole ĎYay! Itís Christmas!í spirit and I donít know whether its because I added a marathon to my December deal or because of the financial concerns weíre going through or becauseÖ Iím just beat with so much crap going on in our lives.

A decision is about to be made with regard to my fil, stuff Iíve not blogged upon, but let me just say that things have gotten wicked bad with a call to 911, a car accident, and some very scary eye opening events... all in the last two weeks.

And I never realized how much time this marathon training would take. If you have a family and are thinking of running a marathon, donít do one close to Christmas. My house isnít decorated at all, we just put the tree up today, there has been no baking, Christmas cards are going outÖ Christmas Eve, and shopping has just been completed.

I started a tradition last year where I bake cookies and we have hot chocolate as the kids decorate the tree. Of course I just thought it was something fun for last year, not realizing until tonight Iíd started a tradition!

So baking will occur tomorrow, with the tree being trimmed, and Iíll start wrapping as we leave on Tuesday for my folksí house.

My husband has really stepped up to the plate, on top of having to deal with the business issues, his Dad, and life in general. Heís a busy guy, truly stressed, and today he spent the day shopping for the kidsÖ getting stuff for their stockings and buying them clothes as heís the master of finding clothes on sale for the boys.

I am incapable of going to the mall on days like the Saturday before Christmas. I justÖ canít. He can however, so he did.

I am grateful.

But overall, typically, Christmas is the womanís holiday. Women do the decorating, the shopping, the meal planning, the Christmas cards. On top of all that we do day in and day out, we get to add Christmas to our to do list as it monopolizes our time.

Usually? I donít care. Usually? Iím game! I love Christmas and the infectious happiness, the wonderful music, the good family time. I try to get my shopping done early so I can enjoy it for what it really is.

This year, however, itís been too much for me.

And so the following conversation occurred to the best of my recollectionÖ at work.

Me: Iím not into Christmas this year. I hate it. If I didnít have three kids, Iíd skip it.

Joe, one of the bookends: No, you donít mean it.

Me: I do. I do mean it. Itís a f***ing womanís holiday. F***ing Womenís Rights. I get to work, take care of a family, AND do Christmas. Before women just did family and Christmas, now I get to work on top of it. F***ing Womenís Rights.

Joe: Thatís what you get for burning your braÖ

Me: *I* didnít burn my bra! NO. It was thoseÖ Suffragettes!! It was those f***ing Suffragettes!

Joe, laughing.

Me: Damn Suffragettes.

And the above conversation was completely in jest and Joe and I laughed as I actually went through my half of the conversation, flailing my arms and being Big Drama for effect. And Iím GLAD I have equal pay. And Iím GLAD I can do the job I do.


But there are days its just too much and this month has been one of them.

But thatís been my saying at work this week whenever anyone asks how my holiday is goingÖ I reply with a ĎDamn SuffragettesĒ and I usually get a quizzical look in return as Joe sits in his cube and laughs.

Posted by Boudicca at December 20, 2008 10:04 PM | TrackBack

I don't have even a percent of the responsibilities that you do and I'm pretty much skipping Christmas this year. I'm just really over the expectations and the stress of it. This year is MY Christmas, where I will celebrate and give thanks how I deem appropriate.

So far, I'm looking for somewhere to volunteer my time on Christmas. Afterward, it is likely to end with enjoying drinks with 2 dear friends of mine while laughing and enjoying each others company.

Bridget on the other hand, is trying to figure out how to make Christmas special for Caitlin considering they just left the hotel for temporary housing, have none of their belongings and pretty much cannot but any big ticket items until they get Brazil's equivalent to a SSN#. Bridget and Caitlin have been making decorations out of construction paper and plan to surprise dad when he comes home from work on Monday. Although not the same as usual, I believe this will be a Christmas Caitlin will never forget.

So kudos to you for making it happen despite the added responsibilities.

Posted by: Sissy at December 20, 2008 11:17 PM

I think it's time for you to shoot a moose and run for office.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at December 21, 2008 02:56 AM

Seems like your plate is always too full of things to keep you way too busy.

But there's no law that says you HAVE to go nuts over Christmas. I plan to go for a nice mind-chilling bike ride, maybe followed by a cold toddy at a friends' house. (His wife didn't get "up" for Christmas either).

Maybe your husband could give you the "gift" of handling things so you go for a drive, or walk or whatever on Christmas to mellow out a bit.

Good luck.

Posted by: George at December 21, 2008 12:31 PM

I decided that I want the gift of a professional foot massage after this marathon is complete.

My feet hurt so frickin' bad!

Posted by: Bou at December 21, 2008 12:38 PM

I am so with you here. so with you.

Posted by: Oddybobo at December 21, 2008 08:21 PM

Christmas here was off key as well.

With my wife being Korean, it is usually up to me to uphold the traditions, but this year I just was not into it at all..

Nonetheless, I hope you and the entire Bou / TGOO household have a wonderful Christmas

Posted by: P'cola Titan at December 25, 2008 10:30 PM