December 30, 2008

I Think We Time Warped to the 1950s

And so tomorrow we leave to make our way back to West Palm Beach. Its amazing that you can drive for nine hours in this state and never leave.

In some parts of the country you can drive for nine hours and probably hit as many states.

Eh... such is life at the end of Peninsula.

A couple pictures from this Christmas. As I said, TGOO decided to build a cart with the boys. TGOO designed it and did MOST of the construction, the boys assisted and mostly were the test drivers.

The first cart was a push cart. Operation was one child in the cart and one person pushing it with an oversized dowel. At one point my second son said he wanted two people to push so they could go faster.

I yelled, “WE NEED MORE POWER, SCOTTY!”, but they didn’t laugh. I am old.

Evidently they inherited this ‘need for speed’ from their father.

First Cart

This second phase added a braking mechanism and another pushing option... as opposed to just the stick. This way, two handed, they could get some serious power that was limited only to the speed and strength of the person pushing.

At one point, Bones was watching as TGOO was pushing Mr. T slowly around the cul de sac, and then up the driveway. Bones looked up at me and said, “He should get another turn. Look how bored he has to be...”


Push Cart, Version II

They ended up making a racing track on the driveway.

And there is one last picture, with the newest braking mechanism being driven by ‘Moi’, but it was a makeupless Sunday, and I haven’t got the nerve yet to post it... I’ll post nasty marathon feet, the huge nasty bruise along my ITB from therapy... but I’m still kind of bristling at the makeupless picture.

In a moment of weakness, I'm sure they'll be posted...

TGOO says he’ll be taking the car apart when we leave and they’ll be building it better come July.

I’m not really sure how you can improve the perfect toy.


Posted by Boudicca at December 30, 2008 10:03 PM | TrackBack

That car is too cool. As kids back in the fifties, my brothers and I use to make vehicles out of scrap lumber, but nothing as roadworthy as y'alls design. Old power mower wheels being in such short supply, we made do with ex-roller skates rusty-bent-nailed to a rotting board. (Important engineering tip: roller skates will bear the weight of two kids per skate -- more than that and they will cease to function ... ever again.)

Though roller skates were less than optimal rolling stock, we did have the compensation of a sidewalk with a steady five-percent grade, which terminated at a drainage ditch. (Thinking back on it, brakes would have come in real handy.)

Posted by: Bob at December 31, 2008 08:27 AM

Right you are, Bob. We used old skates, too. I lived on a steep hill, and you could really get up a head of steam. There was nothing new in those creations. Like you, we used scrap lumber and old, bent nails. Ah, the good times. Happy new year, old man. */;-)

Posted by: Angus of Ayre at December 31, 2008 09:22 AM

I have to admit to being more resourceful and having local grocery carts "donate" wheels to our designs. One engineering tip we found was that if all four wheels where able to turn (the front wheels from grocery carts) it made maneuvering at slow speeds better. However at full speed the cart did not actually turn. The cart would turn sideways and then would continue straight into the object that needed avoiding.


Posted by: Mike at December 31, 2008 12:18 PM